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Since its opening in 2003, the TKR Project has created and sponsored online opportunities for Remote Viewers and Dowsers. We provide free information, and community for all viewers (of all psychic methods, backgrounds, experience, and perspectives on psi), and an array of software utilities and projects offering real-time viewing within an appropriate RV protocol.

The Ten Thousand Roads (aka TKR) project is independently managed and webmastered by a diverse collection of viewers from around the "online RV field". All viewers from all paths are welcome. Everyone has an opinion and don't think any you see represent TKR (even if volunteer staff, who are viewers too, say it) or the RV-subject or the RV-field: for every viewer with one viewpoint, there are many with different perspectives too. If you don't see yours represented, step up and add it!

Feel welcome to excerpt text or screenshots to communicate about the project or RV, and we always appreciate links back to us! Try this link: for the forum, or for the hands-on viewing area.

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* Quotable Quotes

This clearly indicated that belief and disbelief played some kind of psychological role regarding positive and negative manifestations of ESP. [ . . . ] That the basis for rejecting and debunking ESP might not reside in logic and reason, but in the fact that disbelievers were dysfunctional regarding it, came as something of a bombshell.
-- Ingo Swann
If you [...] don't speak up and shout down the skeptics, then it's YOUR nascent superpowers that are quailing before their ridiculous stupidities. [...] The WorldWide Web is yours, you know. Not theirs.
-- Ingo Swann
In other words, all of us are more the same than we are different. That we give overwhelming attention to our perceived differences gives rise to much of the human drama.
-- Ingo Swann

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