Author Topic: Former Head Of Lockheed confirms ET craft exists  (Read 36014 times)


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Former Head Of Lockheed confirms ET craft exists
« on: August 15, 2006, 07:51:29 AM »

The Late Ben R Rich

CEO Ben Rich, the hand-picked successor of Skunk Works founder Kelly
Johnson and the man famous for the F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth" fighter, its
half-pint prototype the HAVE BLUE, and the top secret F-19 Stealth
Interceptor. Before Rich died of cancer, Andrews took my questions to him. Rich confirmed:

1. There are two types of UFOs -- the ones we build, and ones THEY build.  We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "Hand-me-downs." The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "Purge", Administration was handled by international board of directors in the private sector.

2. "'An' item" -- as opposed to "'The' item" -- was recovered near the
world's only combat operational atom bomb base (Roswell AAF) in 1947. Hull design, aerodynamic measurements and propulsion info was passed directly to Jack Northrop and Kelly Johnson, beginning in 1950, with a major block of data being passed on from "The Working Group" at Wright Patterson AFB's Foreign Technologies Division in 1952. "'The' item" refers to the top secret
designation of Kelly's original variant of the U-2 (TR-1) spy plane in
Congressional and Pentagon budgets in the 1950s.

3. Nearly all "Biomorphic" aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell
spacecraft, from Kelly's SR-71 Blackbird onward to today's drones, UCAVs, and
aerospace craft.

  On March 23, 1993, at an engineering conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Ben R. Rich stated to the future Section Director of the Mutual UFO Network of Orange County, California, engineer Jan Harzan, that we already had in our possession the technology to take us to the stars, saying that “we now have the technology to take ET home”.  This was in a conference room full of aerospace and computer engineers from many different aerospace and software companies.

  The late Ben R. Rich, a UCLA School of Engineering alumnus who is known as the “Father of Stealth”, is recognized as one of the best aircraft engineers in the world and led development of the heralded F-117 stealth fighter.

see also :


I will answer for him as I have that data. Jan Harzan is the
Director of MUFON O.C. and it is he who heard the statements.

Well, it just so happens that Jan was the source of the rumor
that Ben Rich made statements in a presentation he gave to the
group of engineers which happened to be members of a UCLA Alumni
association who were invited to hear this presentation by Ben
Rich on March 23, 1993.

The late Ben R. Rich, a UCLA School of Engineering alumnus (MS
'50) who is known as the "Father of Stealth," is recognized as
one of the best aircraft engineers in the world and led
development of the heralded F-117 stealth fighter.

Knowing Jan, I called him to clarify what Ben said at this
presentation to UCLA engineering alumni. I work at UCLA and am
only steps away from the engineering building.

Here is what Jan, a Senior Project Executive with Boeing told me
about Ben's presentation:

- Ben showed slides and went through the history of the Skunk
Works. Showed pics of U2 and SR-71 and drones that no one had
seen before.

- The kicker was the last slide. It showed a black disk headed
for space. Ben showed this and made the statement, "We now have
the technology to take ET home". He made this statement in 1993,
but did not say how long we have had this tech.

There was a Q&A after the lecture. In this Q&A, he told the
engineers that it was now possible to travel to the stars. There
was an error in the equations which was corrected. The time of
travel is fast, but he didn't say how fast.

Ben said he believed that security was too oppressive and that
the time had come to develop this technology in the commercial
world now that the cold war has ended. Months later he died of

Jan is going to consult with his friend Tom who was also present
and do an article on this in a future MUFON Journal.

- Bill Hamilton


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Re: Former Head Of Lockheed confirms ET craft exis
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2006, 01:03:16 AM »
 Lockhead and two other companies have been awarded a contract to build the new Spaceshuttle which will go to the moon and mars, also it is strange as it will be called ORION,Why do you think they chose the name to be orion? ;)
mystery of mysteries.


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