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HRVG members win at Vegas


I saw the following post (dated 10/29/07) on the bulletin board at the Web site of the Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild:

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We haven’t had a chance to comment much on the IRVA conference. Glenn has been busy moving, and I’ve been off island since the conference vacationing with the family.

For the past several years HRVG members have been rehearsing with a roulette wheel. Glenn set one up in the front room of HRVG headquarters and he has demonstrated entrainment for us on many occasions. We have a core belief (knowledge) that there is no such thing as randomness. The spinning of a ball and its dropping into a numbered slot is not random. It is part of an environment, and if that environment is observed, it is affected and can be entrained.

Here’s the problem we faced. It is not that difficult to entrain an environment on your own home court. It was Glenn’s roulette wheel and we dropped the ball. We created an affinity between two pawns- placing them on a color and number. That affinity, our observation, the entrainment caused colors and numbers to turn up on our wheel beyond any statistical chance of randomness. I recall Glenn standing at the wheel at HRVG headquarters stating, “I’m going to be red, because I can only bet red.” Watching the ball drop red 15 times in a row. And then watching Jason step up and say, “I’m going to bet black, because I can only bet black.” Watching the ball drop black 10 times in a row.

Could we take this to the bright lights and noise of Vegas? Vegas is one big entrainment designed to make you part with your money. It’s their location and they control the games, and the noise is spectacular. There are many distractions, and other players at the table which create variables that extremely difficult to entrain.

Glenn designed a method to place the affinity on game pieces, which each of us would carry on our person. We passed out Monopoly game pieces in Kaneohe. I was the Hat. Glenn the Ship. Jason the Car. We played many rehearsals with those game pieces.

One player, Mr. Ship, would bet either red or black. And Glenn could only bet red. The next player, say Mr. Car would bet the field (either 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12) and the last player would play the closest red number in that field. We got to where we were able to hit pretty consistently at Glenn’s wheel. I practiced many games allowing the Hat to bet an online roulette wheel. Rehearsal and observation are keys to any entrainment. I have “screen shot” records of my practice games, and they were beyond any statistical chance certainly not “random.”

So we had a core belief, but it is another matter to start slapping down 100 dollar bills at a table in Vegas. We found a table with several other gamblers and elbowed our way in. One gentleman with a large stack of green chips was clearly not happy to see us storm the table. He was hot and the game came to a dead stop when all of us laid down our 100 dollar bills and the dealer counted out our chips. Finally the game resumed and this guy (Mr. Green chips) was steaming. I could feel his- dare I say “negative energy?” We began wagering, using the affinity bets that we had rehearsed. Glenn (Mr. Ship) only bet red and stated that clearly to the dealer and everyone else on the table. It wasn’t long before we hit big- a one to one hit on red. A two to one payoff on the field, and a 35 to one (was it 35 or 38? I honestly never thought about the money) payoff on the exact number.

Within about 9 spins the table fell into our entrainment. The ball hit RED 11 times in a row. I had so many chips there was not enough room at my space on the table. I was crowding the guy with the green chips. He went from angry to astonished and he was no dummy. He began piggybacking our bets. He cashed out a big winner and was no longer mad that we had invaded. I could tell he didn’t understand what was happening. We just had too much confidence, we were having too much fun, and the table was OUR playground. After Glenn did his 11 string of Reds, I took over the color bet. I knew it was going to switch to black. It took a while. The table was in flux, trying to back to red, but black eventually dominated. At one point I placed a very large bet on Black- and it hit. After that the ball found the black numbers.

We had big fun and won some money.

The next night we did it again at a different roulette table. Again the record of the “hits” – there is a display of the history of numbers and colors- went from seemingly random before we started, to heavily red or black according to how we intended for the ball to fall.

My last night in Vegas Jason and I watched the table again, waiting for places to open up on a busy Saturday night. We put our hundreds down and took out our game pieces. We drew a crowd. People were saying, “Wow, you guys have a system.” I would turn to them and say, “I’m playing Black because I’d wager that this next number IS going to turn up black.” Jason picked the field and individual numbers. 17 BLACK was very, very good to us that night. He would say, “Good job Mr. Hat,” and I would reply “Way to go Mr. Car.” And we would shake hands. It was great fun. We had a blast. We didn’t give a damn about the money, whether we won or lost. We wanted to watch randomness fall to our entrainment and affinity. That was the rush.

One guy in the audience said, “Can I get in?” He placed a hundred dollar chip on black. It hit. He scooped up his hundred dollar winning and said “Thanks! You guys are hot.”

Then another guy jumped in. Again I said, “I’m going to bet Black, because I bet black and it’s going to be black.”

He put a hundred on black and said, “Well, it’s a fifty-fifty chance.” Not good.

The ball dropped in 00 Green and everyone lost. I said to Jason, “That’s it. Cash out.” We stopped the game, cashed in our chips and went to the cashier many dollars ahead. We had beaten Vegas 3 nights in a row.

We went back to the table where the guy had said, “Well it’s a 50-50 CHANCE.” He was gone. The ball had fallen green 00, green 0, then 8 reds in a row. Had we been betting black we would have been just another couple of losers in Vegas. The affect is slight and it is fleeting, but it is there. We rode the wave and came home with someone else’s money in our pocket.

This is something I practicing at home on the gambling sites Bodog and Vip. I have had some luck with it, but I'm not sure that they aren't rigged to a certain extent. When I would make view/dowse the outcome of the wheel, Black being one choice and Red/Green being the other there would be times when the out come was very clear and I would win, other times I would see both possibilites and everytime that happened I would lose....everytime! Which leads me to believe that on a particular spin the game was NOT going to let me win no matter what I chose. But in a environment where multiple people are betting on the same wheel, it would be difficult for them to do that to you.
Yes I've thought about it. We are planning a trip to Vegas after the 1st of the year. I've been contemplating buying a small wheel to see if I can get it down before I go. I can promise you though, if I were to start winning, I would not be as obvious as the Hawaii bunch. Casinos aren't stupid they will come up with a way to spoil it, even if they just refuse to let you play.


I get the feeling casinos are often run by some really shady people, I'd be worried about getting beaten up by their hired thugs... ahem I mean security guards.

Maybe I've been watching too many movies.

I dont think they'd beat you up. But think that as the winning psi players increase (and I do believe they will, particularly roulette) They will have thier eyes open for these players, just as they watch for card counters.( I dont know if people still count cards) That being said, it would take a fairly decent dowser/viewer to be skilled enough to even be obvious.


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