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Mentoring: CRV Stage1: STRUCTURE
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:42:47 AM »
Okay so lets start some CRV instruction  ;)

First - please read and download the CRV manuals and familiarize yourself with these - they can be found in the library thread.

So lets start right at the beginning and this is a word that frightens many within RV - STRUCTURE.



Stage I is the most important stage in the CRV training program. Stage I is also the most difficult to train. Stage I is the basis for the entire CRV process. Stage 1 is the start of structure.

In teaching CRV we are not teaching the trainee to be psychic. We are not teaching - him to receive the signal. We are teaching him the proper format to  be used in objectifying the data he perceives upon receiving the coordinate. This is known as the session "Structure". In this CRV technology we believe that as long as the viewer maintains proper control of his structure the data can be considered generally correct. It must be stressed to the viewer at all times that only by monitoring his structure can he know the value or correctness of the data he is producing. The best results are produced when the viewer ignores the content of the data and concentrates on the structure. This structure is always controlled by the viewer.

Mantra's of the Military RV unit were; 'Structure - content be damned' and 'structure, structure, structure'.

To begin a session in Stage I the viewer trainee writes the page number in the top left corner and their name name, on the upper right corner of the paper. When this is complete the viewer then writes the date and time below this. Then its always good to note the method used & if the viewer in blind or front loaded to the target. If you are a student exploring LST (Local Sidereal Time) you can add the LST time here too.

To help in project management I also note the target/project number at the top of the page. This is for admin reasons really. All this administrative data objectifies, in the mind of the viewer, the conditions (date, time) for the beginning of the session.

After this is accomplished the viewer momentarily checks himself for any problems, physical or emotional, which might interfere with his ability to RV.  These inhibiting factors are called personal inclemencies (PI). All PI should be declared and objectified by writing it across the top of the page (example: PI- experiencing back pain). When problems are being experienced with bodily functions, the mind is preoccupied and the viewer cannot give his complete attention to the task at hand. If the PI is such that it may cause too much attenuation of the signal, then, if possible, the session should be  aborted. When the PI is no longer a factor then the session can be attempted.
When the viewer feels confident and. ready to grasp the signal he places his pen on the paper in the appropriate place for the coordinates (the left hand side of the page). This is where the first Ideogram would be created.

Most of this administrative data is only recorded on the first page of the session and in following pages just the page number (top left) and the stage number center) is fully needed to be carried through form this part of the structure.

structure - now to some of you this may seem anal but its a very good skill to learn, first it occupies the mind - give it something to do other than  trying to GUESS the target, second its invaluable for administrative purposes and eventually for reporting your data into summaries and reports for  clients and project managers. Its a great organizing tool. Don't let the formality of structure put you off the method.

So moving forward with any CRV training/mentoring we will need to see sessions formatted this way and  to see the structure carried across and through the later stages and page  :)

This is an example of page structure for the start page and stage 1 of CRV.

After Structure we can then move onto the sexy part of CRV and Stage1 - Ideograms. :D


any questions or comments please ask away?

all the best...

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Re: Mentoring: CRV Stage1: STRUCTURE
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2012, 12:42:44 PM »
Big tick gold star
Looking good so far!

In addition to declaring any PIs (unavoidable unintended pun there! - one of the reasons I prefer to call this content 'distractions' (D), though main reason is to encompass mental preoccupations too), I also record any precognitive flashes (PF) at that stage (and put my pen down ) prior to beginning with the coordinate.


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