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Re: Target 10 - Due FEB 22, 2013
« Reply #40 on: March 04, 2013, 08:09:14 AM »
This is why i put so much emphasis on my ideograms and stage one . . i truly believe its key to my future success at RVing.
Even though my structure is getting better and my stage one feels better i still focus more on that than any other stage  . . in training and sessions . .and i will always continue to do so
Its not just Daz saying this ..its all of the top guys doing this past and present . .
Eg Ed Dames calls an ideogram a "burst transmission" .  i think it really is.....a wavelength with carrier waves of information   get the burst of info down correctly and less carrier to noise ratio . .
Which means going astray less through the session . .thats how i see it anyway :)
If you think of a digital transmitter sending signals to your tv  . .it must be collected by a dish or aerial which in turn has to be  ... A. looking directly at the transmitter ( Power level) and B. (Quality of signal)
The Quality of the signal is most important because there is always noise . . .the less noise the better quality picture . . .   the 1`s and 0`s are all around us pouring down in their trillions but we dont see them . .they are there though :)
I think of RV just like that . .a lot of Stuff you cant see but know is there and i am the reciever that is trying to improve the quality of the signal i am recieving ..
Hope that makes sense lol
Kind Regards,

I tend to agree with you on the noise environment factor. I have done RV sessions both in quiet enviornments and public with a lot of background noise. The results are very interesting, I get the best optimal results when I am in a quiet environment that allows me to concentrate and focus.
However if there is someone talking in a conversation literally right beside me, I find that I am actually remote viewing them instead and stray from the actual assigned target, as the subject continues to talk and converse within range. I draw information regarding the subject, yet the whole time I am not even focused on what they're saying but rather their intent and information about them. Further more I find that if I focus on the person's face and memorize their facial features as an anchor point and really concentrate on their eyes, I usually see inside their very soul, so to speak. Like Edgar Allan Poe said once, "the eyes are the windows to the soul." The interesting part is that what is said isn't always what the subject truly intents.

For ideograms I find that I am doing less and less ideograms now, but rather actual viewing targets as I continue to do more RV. Instead of ideograms I find that I've already translated these ideograms into picto-grams and modified characters that makes more instant sense, I suppose it's the mind's way of interpetating the ideograms into cultural meaning for me.
I highly recommend Remote viewers to study Chinese characters as it is the oldest picto-gram langague in history and still used today. Of course every now and then I find myself still using Greek and Roman letters and symbols though I have never studied the Greek nor Roman language before in my life  ???

If you look at some of the most widely recognized ideograms and early picto-grams of Chinese characters you can see similiarities. quiet I am hidding underneath your keyboard hunting dust bunnies.

It's only crazy if I view the wrong target, what does it make me if I get the target exactly right?

Jon K

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Re: Target 10 - Due FEB 22, 2013
« Reply #41 on: March 04, 2013, 10:39:15 AM »
Red Star wrote:
If you look at some of the most widely recognized ideograms and early picto-grams of Chinese characters you can see similiarities.

Do you have any links or source materials on this? I'd like to take a look. I'm going through quite a few ARV sessions now and examining them with regard to several factors, including ideograms and the types of photosites/objectives/targets.

I studied Chinese a little while living in Hong Kong many years ago but didn't get much past ni chr fan le ma (or however you transliterate it).

Red Star has a Chinese connection of course - what's yours?

Other languages have a pictographic history as well. I wonder if anyone has looked at them with reference to ideograms. Many seem to think there are only 6 basic ideograms, although I've never seen a convincing rationale why this might be so. One set of six (TDS) is mountain, water, flat surface/land, structure, subject (sentient being), energy/motion. There are also six in some accounts of CRV.

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