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Ideograms for the Task
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:17:57 AM »
Do any ideograms/methods exist to specify whether the target is a person, event/activity, or a place?

Just wondering whether there is a process for teasing that difference out. In HRVG for instance, one of the differentiations is in whether the target is simple or complex.

I have been using target monkey and i am struggling with differentiating places from events/activities associated with the target coordinate.



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Re: Ideograms for the Task
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2015, 05:54:40 PM »
here is a very interesting article written by Dick algire who is a HRVG viewer. In it he explains how they have a stage in their viewing method where they create and probe ideograms to determine the  date and even time of year (season). It all fits within the initial CRV signal line/matrix theory.

"Remote viewing theory postulates a non-material "Matrix" in which any and all information about any person, place or thing may be obtained through the agency of a hypothesized "signal line." The viewer psychically perceives and decodes this signal line and objectifies the information so obtained.” 1

That comes directly from the CRV manual. Since the date of an event would fall under the definition of “any and all information,” then according to CRV doctrine the date of an event is available to the trained remote viewer. Determining that date is a matter of “psychically perceiving” and “decoding” the data.

S-7 Annex C is executed at or near the end of a session, when the viewer has this wider aperture. The first task is to determine the season: summer, fall, winter, or spring. These are concepts that do have meaning to the subconscious. In a CRV session such “concepts” might surface during Stage IV as the viewer probes the “matrix.” But it is not necessarily limited to probing within the Stage IV Matrix. Viewers can be trained to extract this information by producing and probing ideograms. The viewer can create an ideogram representing the season at the target event. This is information the viewer’s sub knows. The viewer writes the target ID, and then creates an ideogram with the intent of encoding the season at the target within the ideogram.

Then the viewer creates ideograms representing each season; summer, fall, winter, spring. By employing the skill of probing, the viewer can compare the ‘feel’ of each ideogram compared to the ideogram representing the season at target and intuitively ‘know’ which seasonal ideogram corresponds to the target ideogram.

When the viewer has determined the season of the target event, he has narrowed the date from a possible 365 days down to just 91.4 days, thereby eliminating three fourths of the possible dates in a year."

-dick algire  ( )

In this article to determine the season, the viewer produces an ideogram representing the season of the target in question , then produces 4 ideograms, One for summer, winter , fall , and spring. The viewer then probes those ideograms in comparison to the one produced for the season of the target and determines which season the target "feels" like.

I dont see why a ideograms cannot be produced with the intention of finding out if the task is an event. Maybe an ideogram each for   activity,person or place in quite the same fashion then probe/compare. Experimentation is the best route!
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