Author Topic: New CRV practice target - due August 7th 2014  (Read 6913 times)

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Re: New CRV practice target - due August 7th 2014
« Reply #30 on: August 26, 2014, 01:38:22 PM »
I do get associations with things on occasion.  While I don't think that I had encountered the Bellagio period costume place before, I suppose it is possible and that I don't recall it.   But...what are your experiences?  Do you guys ever get something that seems to have a strong connection, but that you do not recall ever knowing about prior to your session?

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Re: New CRV practice target - due August 7th 2014
« Reply #31 on: August 28, 2014, 06:10:10 AM »
maybe your mind just dug up that sort of connection to both of those targets you might have seen sometime ago in the past and sought to remind you about the connection. "Look, it is like...." sort of activation of implicit memory associations.

Then there is always the possibility that you are remote viewing your (extended) feedback.

Nevertheless, it was Prudence Calabrasese who said that the viewer is never wrong. it applies here.

This is what i have found over the years.

The normal body/mind does this hundreds of thousands of time a day as you progress through each day. for example when driving your car or walking, your mind is constantly looking around at the world, seeing potential problems and running simulations in your mind, quickly playing out scenarios, simulating what will happen if you dont slow down as that car comes out from the corner, or what could happen if you step off the curb too early - the data from this then helps you make decisions. All this simulation is trying to predict the best path for you so that you survive. all this simulation is based on acquired memories and knowledge. You essentially ahve a prediction engine running simulations every second you are awake.

The same thing happens within RV - we cant physically go back in time to Pompeii - so the mind accesses that target information somehow then within you tries to re-create a simulation of the target and things you are trying to acquire, but does so by building this simulation with your memories, experiences and knowledge. Sometimes where you dont have the exact right fit for a piece of data ( as you may not have experienced it) a close fit' is used in its place - these are the AOL type things - they contain parts of real data for a target component but aren't the exact fit.

your mind works like this - it tries to create the data you need to know by using past memories and experiences to 'simulate' as close as possible a recreation of what you are trying at that moment in time. So for example if you are trying to taste the target - the mechanism inside of you will scan your internal database of memories, experience and acquired knowledge to get a  fit for this - after all we cant actually physicially travel to targets so your internal mechanism does the next best thing and tries to 'emmulate' the target stimulation using your own acquired data.

Prudence did say the viewer is never wrong, But I fear that the viewer does make assumptions and guesses which are sometimes wrong. Just be aware that internally you are trying to create or emulate and build a simulation of the actual target using your memories and experiences - and that sometime you dont have an exact fit for a needed piece so your internal structure uses the next best thing - its all it can do in the circumstances. being aware of this process MAY allow you to spot it happening.

Its also why as remote viewers you need to touch taste, hear, feel all kinds of things - you need to expand your internal database or repertoire - the better this is the better a viewer you will become as the matches to data in the simulations will be more accurate. For example its why when I did the recent New york 911 targets that I knew I was in New york, by mind/body remembered the memory of the smell and feel. Its also why I nailed the Giza pyramids targets/project - i had been to Egypt, been inside the pyramids - it all helped when trying to recreate the simulation internally as the memories/experiences were a close/prefect match to actual data - creating less noise in the rv session. So the more you experience, the better your library, the better viewer you become and the less noise you will have.

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