Author Topic: New Target CRV only - due midnight 19th September 2014  (Read 5998 times)

stewart edwards

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Re: New Target CRV only - due midnight 19th September 2014
« Reply #20 on: September 29, 2014, 01:44:36 AM »

I don't know if this will help, but as a newbie (I have done perhaps 87 targets now) until about 20 targets ago went through a phase where my mind seemed to make connections between targets not unlike how you describe. I guess that I was having difficulty breaking between them, and indeed breaking aols. Sadly I can offer no advice on this, as I just kept practicing and the problem lessened. So all I can suggest is simply work through it.

Hopefully someone will offer you a better solution than practice, practice, practice.

I don't know if you are databasing yet Gerry, but I have spent a lot of effort on learning to database (I must be really thick as this simple thing I have found to be extremely difficult - beyond all proportion to its innate simplicity - but again have worked through this massive mental block) and whether this is related to the aol problem lessening or not, I don't know. But if you are not doing it, I would recommend databasing anyway, it really is a bit of an eye opener.


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Re: New Target CRV only - due midnight 19th September 2014
« Reply #21 on: September 29, 2014, 11:16:01 AM »
Hi Stewart, Yes I would agree it would be best working thru it and go with the flow
Time, practice,practice,practice, patience and a definite thirst to be in attuned with ones inner ‘I’ a must.

I haven’t started a data base as yet and hadn’t given much thought to it until you mentioned it
And agree it could be beneficial to being a possible way forward. It does however raise a curios thought and I hope I haven’t taken your meaning of a data base out of context. I call it my Doh’ syndrome lol.
As it is true that remote viewing is like learning a new language, a language not being one of verbal dialog
But one of  a combination of deciphered senses…,vision, hearing, taste smell, touch, intuition plus each individuals own level of psi.  all of these which are a combined by snapshot  from an extracted  pictographic personal data base of life memories, such a procedure would chill to the bone any accomplished written and verbal bilingual student or professional translator but we know we have the ability it has been proven time and time again.
 Getting back to the curios thought would a data base result in the eventual bad translation of a minds master class in progress thereby pre-empting and analysing data and having a corrupting effect on collated descriptive data formation signal lines. I would use Egyptian hieroglyphics as an example, until the finding of the Rosetta stone ,Translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics were at best bilingual professional guesses and even with this Rosetta aid in deciphering, most of the ancient true meaning has been forgotten and lost.

I like your idea of collating a data base and thank you for your advise on the matter, I threw in my curious thought only for what it is, a thought on its overal cause and effect for general discussion and the consideration for which best types of data bases would suit which stage of development. Crib sheets formulated 
are extremely beneficial for helping in the descriptive adjective structured sessions as a reminder and mindful hints. Were as a data base for listing meaning to past tense pictorial senses, raises interesting thoughts in itself and therefore maybe helpful to meaningful understanding of the structured process.

kindest regards

Daz Smith

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Re: New Target CRV only - due midnight 19th September 2014
« Reply #22 on: September 29, 2014, 05:45:21 PM »
I am afraid the only answer is practice, practice, practice.
We all have hurdles we have to work through and its different for us all because Rv is different for us all. As an example for one six month period of three targets a week I missed every single target with very little to no on target data - for six months!!!! I was so ready to pack it all in - but didn't. For me I feel I had to unlearn all my bad habits form classical psi training, all the little rituals and beliefs. for you guys I am afraid you may have your own demons.

just make notes - i always write mine in pencil over the top of the sessions so I know they are after notes, examine your own work, how it felt when you did it, why, what caught your eye - anything.

All the best...
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