Author Topic: Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?  (Read 6185 times)


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Re: Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?
« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2016, 04:44:20 AM »
I run a tight group that is mostly Chaote. We are experimenting with this. We prefer servitors for this because you need front end and back end work when your doing CRVI The start up and ending procedure are the point of change.  In terms of remote viewing I would do my start up procedure to receive the information or manifestation from the future. Do my session to the point where I can feel the contact or feedback and then the end procedure at the feedback session.

Not all the group are trained in remote viewing so we use scrying and SP which is a unique skill we developed.

you could   run in stages like a horizontal tree of life going out on the surface and coming back in the up side down. Base it on a variation of Grant's work. You do each siphera as an evocation for each stage of the manifestation.

The tree of life is about creation and can be worked with either right or left path or in this case both paths are used.. 

Our stuff isn't that complex but in theory it might help develop the chain in stages rather than just random time loops. We're not looking for incoherent Grant or Crowley like  visions but instead developing  a systematic manifestation chain.

Any sigilization based on this would be done with linked sigils. Those sigils would then be linked to a powerful stream like the tree of life stream. Testing of the energetic stream can be done by dowsing.  You want to make sure that it is compatable with your work and powerful enough for your needs. Streams are not necessarily directly related to magic. For example you could tap into the stream of energy associated with the American election. Associated concepts with that stream which would demonstrate compatability would be power, wealth, success, persuasion and camoflage.  A sigilized donkey or elephant ( symbols of the political parties ) would be be intuitively generated. The links could be made in procession like the election progresses and you have the same effect and you are tapping into energy generated by intense emotions and lots of people

 Body tapping is using the body as a sigil.. The stream is alternative health care globally speaking. I think you get the idea now. More than one stream can be linked, if you can focus and hold complex ideas in your head while you are maintaining the level of focus needed.
dang just gave me a brainfart :-)
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Re: Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?
« Reply #11 on: October 15, 2016, 12:05:19 AM »
Continuing to read more on chaos Magick and so on. I like the freedom to explore instead of feeling like I have to be locked into just one paradigm or school of thought and belief system.


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Re: Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?
« Reply #12 on: October 15, 2016, 12:22:08 PM »
Is chaos magic a thing, or more of a lack of things? I've tried to read about it, but the only gist I get is it's the idea that lots of arbitrary rules don't really exist. Like in RV we thought you needed an outbounder, until we realized you don't. Then we thought you needed longitude and latitude coordinates, or that you need a random number at all, but you don't. I remember Daz saying there are lots of self-limiting beliefs, like if you believe local sidereal time will hinder your viewing, then that's true, for you. Does chaos magic have a set of guidelines, or is it just saying, "stop having self-limiting beliefs"?
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Re: Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?
« Reply #13 on: October 15, 2016, 01:48:38 PM »
What my group and I are finding is that we all have old unresolved upsets and traumas.  These seem to limit us left, right, center, top, bottom, front, back and more!  What I'm "struggling" with now is that we have traumas that stop us from dealing with our old traumas!  The old traumas often first show up as limiting beliefs.   When these old traumas get healed, the results are often astounding and life changing. 

As I see it, it's pretty simple; heal all the old traumas and then you can do all kinds of magical things like what Lyn Buchanan called PSI - Perfect Site Integration.  One man that I worked with was doing this and then stopped!  He did not have a big interest in RV, not even spectacular RV.

. Does chaos magic have a set of guidelines, or is it just saying, "stop having self-limiting beliefs"?
There are a lot of suppressed or under used technologies like remote viewing that should be used together.  It looks to me like this can benefit all and bring on paradise on Earth.  Want to join me in this quest?


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