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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #10 on: January 24, 2017, 01:07:49 PM »
Mr. Reason....

You're correct...  the application for a optional school or any of these applications I use ALWAYS have a LIMITED/DEFINED pool of possible answers.

The Tasker is the only one that knows the defined pool...  to me the "pool" is completely blind...therefore RV results become extremely valuable to the Tasker..  It becomes obvious what the target answer is when they receive the viewers data.

As for Optimal....  it's the opposite of vague...  Optimal allows "the source" to take EVERYTHING into account.

There would be no value in "the source providing school that is either out of their area, one the parents cant afford, or their child isn't accepted name a few parameters...

Optimal take in ALL parameters, completely inclusive... 



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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #11 on: January 30, 2017, 01:46:11 PM »
this is an email from my English friend:

He states:

Over a period of several years I’ve dipped in and out of remote viewing… I had formal training by a pro and have reached an intermediate level, having run approximately 100 TRV sessions with an average consistency on blind TRV sessions going to Site Template (roughly 60% good data when feedback’s available) and fair experience of higher level prompts (S5, S6, S7).

I read Alex DiChiara’s post from years ago, where he said he’d RV’d his daughter’s optimum high school’s most significant recognisable feature and his data pointed towards an auditorium. As we had to choose our daughter’s primary school I thought I’d get in touch with him as it seemed such a great target, given how important a decision it is for any parent.

I told Alex that I was at a stage where I couldn’t trust my data when front-loading, not least because of my current skill level but also because we’ve visited all of the local schools whilst assessing which to choose.

It is encouraged that TRV students practice front-loading as it’s often required when trying to solve real-world problems and Alex suggested I give it a go using the following cue,

[ NNNN / NNNN ] Full name + optimal primary school = most significant recognisable feature

which I did… My data pointed towards a stony structure, with the intangible ideas of “young” and “calling”… I also had an Aspect which was a rotating man-made mechanical device which I placed as a part of the structure (along with other data which I’m not convinced was particularly accurate). More on my session later….

We live in a small town of 30,000 people in England and generally all the schools which our daughter would be eligible to attend are small (total of 100-200 students, aged 4-11). There are many which are considered Outstanding or Good by the Government Education inspectors, there are a few which are pretty awful.

We felt we had a dilemma in choosing our daughter's first school because our location meant that we're out of the catchment areas for automatic selection to all the well reputed schools. All the good/outstanding schools are over-subscribed by 5 or 10 times by parents hoping to get their kids in and as we're so far away from most, we are/were concerned that even if we put our top 3 choices down, the likelihood of our daughter getting in a good school is/was slim to none and she'd end up in a poorly rated school. Frankly a terrifying prospect!

Priority is given to pupils in the following order:

1.   Children with siblings in older years
2.   Children in care
3.   Children with learning disabilities
4.   The remaining place are chosen by the children’s proximity.

So, if there are 20 places available, 10 might be taken by those with siblings in older years/in care/with disabilities, leaving the 10 kids who live nearest to be offered places. Sometimes all these 10 or places can be taken by children who live within 200 meters from a school, with dozens of families left disappointed.

I gave Alex a call and we had a great chat about RV and he said to me (as he has done several times on the TKR board) that where a cue/target might allow, he just runs the session to S4 of Aspect X, usually taking him 8-10 minutes or so – enough to get sufficient data to solve the problem/cue - and I asked him if he’d be willing to take the time to do so for me for a fee, and he seemed delighted to help and didn’t want paying. Bearing in mind I’d emailed him twice and then talked on the phone for the first, this I think is a pretty generous gesture by any standard, but also illustrates someone who’s confident in their ability.

His session work is on the TKR board and clearly shows a wall with mechanical sounds associated, it’s protective with voices being heard which is undoubtedly the playground wall which faces a very busy road for St Peter’s primary school in Tunbridge Wells.

The wall has a sign saying St Peter's school on. The main school building is tucked away up a quiet road which only people associated with the school or local residents up the same street would know it. However most local people however would know that wall is related to the school because it’s on the main road where traffic is at a stand still right next to it most of the day. Hence most significant recognizable feature.

St. Peter's is just 0.5 miles from our house and is in fact our closest school (it is also ranked as Outstanding in every area it was recently assessed on in the last Education Authority assessment) but we were told by the Head Teacher that it would likely be a wasted choice - we're simply too far away given the high standard of the school and therefore its popularity. We’d never intended on putting St Peters down as a choice as we didn’t believe our daughter would get in. Another thing is that they're building a brand new St Peter's away from the current school site, which will be completed in 2 years, larger with more outside space, all modern facilities, and just on the other side of the park that our rear garden backs on to.

Having visited all the local schools, good and bad, several do indeed have small walls around them but none of the others have a wall or a playground that is its’ most significant recognizable feature, or specifically one that is directly on a busy main road. Many have unique architectural features, internal or external, and none are so close to a busy road. There are private schools around that could fit Alex data however we’re not in a position to afford to send our daughter to private school so they wouldn’t count as optimal, as was written in the cue.

On the map below our house is where the black marker is… The schools are numbered and listed below the map.

As proximity is the key criteria here there are likely to be only a perhaps 10 schools which she might get a place. In reality, as we’re on the wrong side of town compared to the schools from a location perspective, it may be (or have been) that she’s ineligible for any and would be sent to an undersubscribed, unpopular and poorly rated school, or simply one that we as parents don’t want. Alex’s data suggests otherwise… St Peter’s may be the only school she would have been eligible for, or one of many, but as the data pointed to it as her optimal school, we put it as our first choice of 3 on the local council’s website before the deadline earlier this month.
After Alex had come back to me I asked two other TRV professionals to see if they’d run sessions on the same target and they were happy to do so also. I could write a book on their data but in short, both pointed unequivocally to St Peter’s. One of these viewers was 100% blind. My session too had elements that I believe were correct (stony structure, young/calling ( kids in the playground) and I now believe the mechanical rotating man made device I mentioned earlier may have been a car/wheel from the main road, but I had it as a part of the structure, showing perhaps my lack of refined skill in remote viewing.
So certainly 3 professional standard remote viewers came up with the same data and therefore target. Could Alex and one of the other viewers looked me up and figured out where I live, understand the criteria for school selection, write up fraudulent RV sessions and analysis to send me and coincidentally all come up with the same data/answer? Yes. Do I think they did? No, I don’t.
Time will tell if indeed our daughter is offered a place at St. Peter’s – April 18th in fact, so I’ll report back in either case. I totally understand that this small project, the way it was handled by me, front-loading, possibility for “cheating” or simply being incorrect or coincidental, is highly unscientific and would convince any sceptic for a minute. But it is what it is and I trust the data enough to make a highly important decision in our daughter’s life. If only the scientific community would give the time, energy and resources to investigate Remote Viewing in much greater detail…
The use of RV for optimal trajectories in a person’s life has to constitute perhaps one of the most powerful applications for remote viewing… The world would be a different place if more people put pen to paper and gave it a go before criticising the method having never tried it.


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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #12 on: April 18, 2017, 02:51:24 PM »
Just in from UK...   The prediction of which school was correct!  James's little girl got in to the school that I identified with my remote viewing set..


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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #13 on: May 03, 2017, 12:33:33 PM »
Copy of an email from UK friend..

Subject: Isabelle's school
Great news today... Isabelle was formally offered the place at St Peter's primary school, literally just got the email!

I'm over the moon and again, can't thank you enough. I feel indebted to you, really.

Just at work at the moment so can't be long... Definitely concerned about what's going on with North Korea and what might be around the corner if Dames' killshot is to be believed. Did you ever do any work on that?

I'm not doing too well in terms of progress on my own rv sessions, been going to just S4[X], managing like 4 or 5 a week - maybe that's not enough?

Thanks again, Alex...


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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #14 on: May 03, 2017, 12:37:22 PM »
A second email from UK fellow RV friend:   Here he explains that he and his wife were planning on NOT applying to this school, despite it was their first choice. 

Good stuff..  Real stuff that affects people's lives..  RV work that is confirmable...  practical and useful...

Hey Alex,

We're incredibly grateful... I pass the school (and the wall) nearly every day and it spurs me on to keep practicing.

You might remember me saying that when we went to visit St Peters the head teacher recommended that we definitely shouldn't put the school down as our first choice because she felt that based on previous years, our street would be too far away...

She obviously said the same to lots of families, many living closer than us, and it put a lot of people off putting it down as first choice who are now very disappointed with her advice.

We definitely weren't going to put it down but after seeing your session results it was clear and so we selected St Peters.

Really is amazing stuff... We'll always be thankful that you were willing to put the time out. If I ever make it back to SF I'll buy you a beer!


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Re: Optimal School Application
« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2017, 12:16:04 PM »
This work took me only 8-9 minutes....  simple


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