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Hi Liam:
   Very interesting post!  Regarding the "is more effective the less you try."  Yes, I've seen that many times and I have a psychic feedback program that has shown almost exactly that VERY clearly.  I have a slide show on that if anyone is interested, but at this point I will need to explain while you look at the slides.

Regarding the "She politely declined! Really! ... I never heard from her again."

Sounds like you did some great work.  This is quite common in my experience.  I've seen it dozens of times.  It can be based on many different things.  The most common one is fear.  Fear of being different, fear of what others will think and on and on! 
Sometimes it seems to be a powerful lack of imagination.  For instance, I did a bunch of what I'm calling "Key Core Event" sessions.  One man that I did sessions with, took what he learned from those sessions and did a session for a woman that was in a wheelchair.  The next day she walked around the block unaided, he tried to contact her for almost two months.  When he did connect with her he told me that she said that he could not connect with her because she has been out dancing and she was on her way to go dancing again.  She never seemed to ask what else is possible!


Hi TBone,

Funny you say that .. I did read The Energy Cure a few years ago and I have the audio.
Both of them are very well done.
That is what really got me interested in energy healing.
However, I found the cycling method quite difficult.
Interestingly, a lot of what he said in his book came true for me over the last 2-3 yrs.
Especially, when he says that the effectiveness of energy healing [in his experience]
is more effective the less you try.

Initially, I thought that was a crazy idea .. but I have found myself that this is absolutely true.
The more you focus, concentrate and work hard .. the less effective energy healing is.
Why? I'm not sure.

He also said to always ask for a person's permission to do energy healing for them, because, you do not know whether they actually what to heal their problem or not. I know it sounds crazy - everyone wants to heal their problem. Right! Not necessarily .. human psychology can be very strange.

Here is an example .. I once did a treatment - about 2 yrs. ago - on a girl with very bad circulation problems. Her hands were always ice cold and she was from the south of Spain where it is hot most of the year round!

She told me her hands are always very cold .. unless she is lying on the beach in hot weather all day!
Ok. To cut to the chase .. before treatment, her hands were ice cold. After treatment, her hands were hot.

She was very surprised and a bit shocked. Then, I said to her why not come back for 2-3 more treatments and we will see how your circulation is over the next few weeks.

She politely declined! Really! Then, I pushed her a little to try a few more sessions and she got a bit nervous and continued to decline to my amazement. By the way, at the time I was volunteering so these energy healing sessions were free!

I never heard from her again.  ???

And as a final note, be careful about speaking about energy healing to people.
I also found, unfortunately, that when you speak about energy healing, a lot of people and family and friends
can get very defensive, critical and sometimes hostile. I feel most people assume you are crazy or a con artist if you start talking about the effectiveness of Energy Healing. And we call ourselves open-minded, whereas in fact, most people are anything but..

Thanks all and apologies for the long letter.
There are a lot of suppressed or under used technologies like remote viewing that should be used together.  It looks to me like this can benefit all and bring on paradise on Earth.  Want to join me in this quest?


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