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Meditation and binaural stuff
« on: May 07, 2017, 05:00:05 AM »
Have been getting more consistent overall with adding meditation to the weekly agenda/tasks/what-not. I know we can meditate on our own and for free and I do that also. Have found that has some cool guided meditations...really did help me become more mindful and sort of hone in on some nuances. There are some initial meditations that are free. I used them off and on for awhile but decided to sign up for the $12 per month a plan to access much more and glad I did. Also signed up for where they have brainwave entrainment stuff with headphones with the binaural blended with music--set up for 12 minutes per day with varying brainwave stuff. Supposed to be so the brain doesn't get used to listening to the same old track each day as someone would who bought a Hemi-Sync CD. I like Hemi-Sync from the Monroe Institute and have done some of that also ever since I bought Robert Monroe's Gateway CDs way back in the mid-2k decade.
I find it hard to quantify how much all this may help with any combo of RV or psi in general but I do know that it makes me feel better and that is surely something good. I can't prove to anyone else that it may be helpful with psi, especially since I sometimes feel clueless about some issues and situations still, lol. But I think it has helped some with some spontaneous psi that seems to sort of come and go with me.


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