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This post may become very long and meander, I apologize in advance.  The synopsis of the whole post is that my brain doesn't think in gestalts for most anything and it took me a long time to figure this out.  If you are new to viewing and are having difficulty with this most basic description method as I am then at least you are not alone.   

I don't really like my writing style and so I'll experiment with a condensed version to get to the point yet with history that I think is meaningful.  ;D

--Listened to Art Bell years ago and discovered Remote Viewing  :o.  This cant be real!
--Went home and tried it the best I could and nailed the details of the target.   :o  This IS real!!
--Freaked out and put it away for a long time.
--Came back much later and tested the water.  Water is fine, lets give this another shot.
--Listened to more interviews about RVing, found, downloaded the CRV manual from firedocs, This Pj person I've found is awesome  :-*
--Gestalts, gestalts.  Radio interviews, CRV manual, describing gestalts is BASIC.  Basic means easy right?
--I've never got a gestalt.  If you've never described one you don't really know what it is.  I know I'm missing something though.
--Frustration.  Great details sometimes but no big picture stuff, ever.
--More frustration.  Lets put RVing away, maybe forever.
--Many years pass.
--Weeks ago, cant sleep, bored in a hotel room.  One of the free movies available is Men Who Stare at Goats, I watch it and remember how amazing RVing could be at times.  Decide to pick it back up.
--Home.  Pad, pencil and view a target from  I could not remember the TKR website.  Some details but no gestalts.  My target from is a collection of 5 photos of the same area.  All landscape, very little detail to describe.  All landscape, great for gestalt, bad for me.  Frustration  :'(.
--I look out my window and wonder what I'm missing.  "Look out the damn window and describe the gestalt dude, right here right now!"  I can't.  I don't have this basic vocabulary.   :o ???
--Lightbulb!  My brain doesn't like vagueness.  My brain loves details.  My brain doesn't appreciate gestalts.
--Practice.  I can practice this now that I know it's missing.
--Driving my son to swimming lessons today I pay attention to the gestalts of the trip and vocally call them out while using my finger to draw the ideogram.  It's not natural and my brain thinks it's beneath its ability, I can feel it being grumpy.  I'm having fun though learning some new and very important vocabulary.

To wrap this up I think everyone's brain/consciousness/whatever are like snowflakes where every one of them is unique so I may never describe gestalts amazingly well but, every unique snowflake is still a snowflake and so there is commonality.  I think deficiencies can be fixed.  I took it for granted that my brain would use gestalts like RV manuals and experts say it would/will/does naturally which caused frustration and probably wasted years, sadly.  I'm making a huge assumption (though I feel 100% confident about it) that this gestalt deficiency (or any deficient area you may be experiencing) can be easily over come with practice and I would say to new viewers like myself that if you have any noticeable blind spots don't get discouraged like I did and just give up.  If all you do is read a manual(s) you may feel like you aren't measuring up to expectations but really the methods and manuals are just guidelines to manage some commonalities among the snowflakes.  Embrace and acknowledge your snowflake-iness and work on the blind spots.  I'm sure everyone has them.


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Re: New-ish viewer. Personal discovery about my brain and gestalts.
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Interesting post, thanks for sharing. I started out RVing after reading onlne articles and books and watching videos. I initially had amazing success, then an excruciating, very long dry spell which I finally figured out was due to repressed emotions (3 family deaths and a lot of unresolved drama in a fairly short period of time). Knowing I hadn't dealt with that stuff enough was important, it affected me a lot more than I thought it did, so I spent time dealing with that stuff. Now my RV is starting to work again, I can't describe how exciting it is to see it happen. I've had a smattering of spontaneous psi experiences across the decades, but doing RV psi-on-demand is just mind-blowing. The biggest thing I took from your post is that we should do what Daz repeatedly posted in the FB RV group, practice, practice, and oh yeah... practice. We'll eventually find our own blocks and deal with them if we apply ourselves. So good on you for hanging in there!   


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