Author Topic: Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners  (Read 191 times)


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Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners
« on: February 26, 2018, 01:41:14 PM »
Hello, everyone.  This is my first post.  I was wondering whether to put it in the questions section or in this section.  After looking over the questions, I thought this section might be better.  Please correct me if I am mistaken.

I'm looking for one or more longer term Remote Viewing partners.  We could exchange targets, be each other's facilitator or tasker, help each other with experiments and more.  In addition to RV, I'd like to experiment with dowsing and OBEs. 

It would be nice to have two or more partners in a small group.  I'm thinking we should probably be at the same skill level.  I'm a novice with about 200 practice targets under my belt.  My skill level is average, and I do have an amazing RV hit now and then.  I'm self-trained but mentored by a naturally enormously talented RV-er who was trained by Joe McMoneagle.  I am no where near my mentor's advanced level (she can often bi-locate with the target in real time), so I reason it would be a complete drain on her time to partner with her.

With a busy job and a high energy toddler at home, I don't have much time.  To keep from frustrating each other, I'm also reasoning we should have the about the same kind of time we can devote to the partnership.   I could perhaps devote 1-3 hours per week to the partnership.

Thanks in advance for considering it.


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Re: Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 05:06:02 PM »
Howdy!  This is not actually the section, I'll move it up to media/etc.

Nice intro, good letter.

This kind of thing is important for viewers I think, and sometimes difficult to come by, if you don't come in through some commercial doorway that links to lots of others.

I would focus less on the skill level of you or anybody. Partly for the sake of widening your options. But also, bear in mind, it is not any kind of rule that the tasker has to see the session after. People can trade tasks but only share sessions once in a while if they feel like it.

(Unless you're looking for more of a session-review-buddy or a mentor, those are different things than just someone to arrange tasking or take tasking.) I do see you've got the option of a small group though. I've seen how dramatically different experience in a group can sometimes be a bear. Not always though, it really depends on the people.

Some folks in the layman's viewing field are really set on a certain psi format (a method, like CRV etc.). If you have that sort of requirement or expectation be sure to mention it. I'm figuring you don't, since you are open to experimenting with other psi genres like OBE and dowsing (although this IS a 'remote viewing and dowsing' project we don't get many die-hard dowsers in!). (It just doesn't have the hip kick that 'remote viewing used by the US government' does I suppose.  :D)

If you're going to experiment with OBE you may as well experiment with lucid dreaming too since that's often a jumping off point for OBE anyway.  ;D  (I can't do either of them voluntarily now, although I could up until young adulthood.)

If you like dowsing, I recommend my favorite book ever related to the topic, "The Essential T.C. Lethbridge." There's something in it for everyone when it comes to psi genre, and the guy was just brilliant.

Palyne, TKR Admin

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Re: Right place to post? Looking for one or more RV partners
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2018, 05:03:22 PM »
Thanks very kindly, PJ, for your guidance. 

You're totally right.  I would not insist that all use the same remote viewing protocol.  An example of differing protocols working well is how well Dick Allgire and Daz Smith performed using differing protocols but applied to the same RV targets for a Farsight Institute project. 

One of my main motivations for finding one or more RV partners is to share targets.  So far, I have a list of about 180 of my own targets.  Of course, I could simply choose and view them at random, but I know my interests so well that I could still likely guess in generalities what my chosen target might be.

I'm a recent convert from staunch skepticism.  There was enough wisdom somewhere inside to make me question my skepticism.  That questioning brought me to study many esoteric and metaphysical subjects over several decades.  After all the study, I had my own RV success so clear and specific that I could no longer deny that non-local awareness is real.  Thus ended the skepticism.  Now I'm very keen to explore many aspects of the subconscious and non-local awareness like RV, OBEs, NLP, EFT, Remote Healing, and so on.

Thanks for the tip on lucid dreaming.  No success so far in OBEs.  Maybe it's tougher for a newbie of almost 50 years old to start from scratch.  Perhaps it's harder to embrace the notion that our everyday waking world is not as 'real' as we think.  I know that intellectually but maybe not emotionally.  Trying to induce an OBE has been quite frustrating.  There was kind of a breakthrough this very week, however.  My favorite YouTube hypnosis tracks are from "Unlock Your Life".  I tried a new heal-while-you-sleep track from them to help me get back to sleep after my toddler woke me by tossing and turning.  Usually I don't even remember my dreams, but this time I had a dream so detailed and realistic that I carried out several days of a normal life in the dream.  Though it was only a few hours long in waking life, the dream lasted for days in the dream realm.  I would go to work, do social things, go to bed and would start new days inside that dream.  Fascinating.  But there's been no lucidity as of yet.  I keep pressing onward.

Deeply appreciated.


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