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Remote Viewing Archives: The C.I.A.'s STAR GATE Files

From the U.S. Government's Psychic Program

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The U.S. Government has released approx. 5% of the info from a selected group of projects now collectively called "The StarGate Program."

The info comes on 14 CDs. Files are in text (txt) and multi-page tagged image (tif) format. TXT files are raw 'OCR scan' of the docs in the graphics. TIFs "open up" to 1-300 docs each. See About This Collection.

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TIP: Excerpts which may direct you to good reading: Daz's

TIP: Major Paul Smith [U.S. Army Retired], a former member of projects contained in the STAR GATE program, sells a copy of this collection with a personal "Guide" to some of the content. (He charges less than the CIA.) More info at his website.


Search Look for something in the database index, which contains all the numbering, document and folder titles, etc. A text-search of the file-scans is coming soon.

Comments Viewers (incl. former StarGate participants) can make comments about any entry. See what others have found interesting, find out more about an item, or add your thoughts.

Browse Directories See and browse the files by volume / folder / file names, like they are presented on the original CIA release.

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