Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing and Dowsing Project
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Since its opening in 2003, the TKR Project has created and sponsored online opportunities for Remote Viewers and Dowsers. We provide free information, a friendly community for all viewers of all methods and backgrounds, all experience levels and perspectives, and an array of software utilities and projects offering real-time viewing experience within an appropriate Remote Viewing protocol.

This is the TKR project home page. We have a large message board complex, and TKR has its own area at the Dojo Psi with all our hands-on remote viewing software. Visit us at either (register or login at each side), or read more about our work by clicking on a section (blue box) below.

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The Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing & Dowsing project (aka "TKR") is designed to support individuals working to develop their skills in psi functioning.

  • TKR is an online toolset that supports personal anonymity though creative community.
  • It encourages every kind of "receptive psi" tradition, while focusing on remote viewing and dowsing.
  • It sustains the exploratory experience while emphasizing the double-blind experiment and feedback.
  • It advocates people sharing thoughts about hands-on work, theory and experience, while providing assistance to persons working alone.
  • And, it supports working in private groups inside and outside the project, in order to encourage a more decentralized community.

In short, TKR has something for everyone.
Membership is free.


What you should know about Remote Viewing


Here are a few links that viewers may find interesting.

The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory has information about legitimate remote viewing and its science.

The Parapsychological Association is the only official AAAS-associated scientific body related to psychical research.

Joseph McMoneagle, AKA "Viewer #001" is the most scientifically-tested and media-demonstrated viewer in the field.

Ingo Swann was the psychic subject in the lab in 1971 when the term 'RV' was coined. He is an exceptional viewer, artist, writer and intellectual, with a collection of great articles on his website--well worth reading.

GotPsi? is a cool science site where you can "try your psi" free and contribute to science trials while you're at it.

There are several associations for remote viewing/viewers. We can't speak to the legitimacy of any of them with regard to protocol et al. (we don't know), but three are: The Farsight Remote Viewers Association, The International Remote Viewing Association , and The Western Institute of Remote Viewing.

The Aurora Group is an in-protocol remote viewing applications group.

RV Targets is a nifty photo-based practice target pool.

TKR's own Viewer Studios and RV Galleries is a customizeable practice, group and independent viewer software and session gallery collection.

The Dojo Psi is the groundwork for software and hosting for several projects including TKR. It also has an Info/Archives site.

TKR's sponsor-owner, PJ Gaenir, has a website at Palyne.com.

PJ Gaenir's Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection is an old archived-off (static) website PJ had circa 1995-8 [and then briefly updated in places in 2002-3].

The Ten Thousand Roads (aka TKR) project was founded, is programmed and designed, sponsored and paid for by Palyne PJ Gaenir (see 'about the Founder') as a community service for the Remote Viewing field. It is managed by a diverse collection of viewers from around the 'online RV field' (see 'Project Info'). All the website names, content, graphics, and slogans are Copyright © (various dates until present) to Palyne Gaenir. For more info about TKR beyond this website, visit the RVwebForum and ask questions, or contact Palyne. This project owes thanks to the Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection for its primary visitor source, to viewer Joseph McMoneagle for setting such a darn good example for all viewers and dowsers, and to the private project Dojo Psi for building out its first RV software custom just for TKR's public project.