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Remote Viewing Archives: Pre 2000

(In loose date sequence)

The Viewer [VWR] Archives, Controlled Remote Viewing discussion Jan-97 to July-98. Also has a remote viewing discussion reference index of the leading folks in conversation (thanks to Skye Turell).

The Psi [PSI] Archives, psychic and paranormal discussion 97-98. This was an offshoot of VWR for non-CRV talk.

The first 1000 posts from the STAR GATE remote viewing discussion list circa 1998 just after the VWR list dumped into it. Pedantic and basically shows why its founder ran off into the night. Haven't got around to indexing the rest and once I realized how much moderation (read: wiping out all trace of everything in any serious debate) had occurred over the years I lost interest. History's already revised enough in this field.

The allegedly original Controlled Remote Viewing Manual that I typed out, expanded the index, and posted publicly on Firedocs RV before I left the field for four years July 4, 1998. Ingo Swann won't even claim it, but this has been the basis of training for many psychic methods instructors selling CRV, TRV and other formats.

On the server without a menu sits the slew of files (OCR text and images) from the CIA FOIA STAR GATE remote viewing program info release. This is not very helpful frankly, I'm convinced they made it a mess on purpose. Tamra's for-sale collection at her blog Star Gate Interactive is a good deal given the work it required.

The old "PJ Gaenir's Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection" website was #1 in Yahoo for many years and was the first layman's RV website online (and the third online at all). The old site's worth trawling if you have time to kill, though I don't claim much that I said back then (before I de-misindoctrinated myself into a different point of view). See also the blog archives at right.

More Modern Remote Viewing Archives (since 2000)

The Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing Discussion Forum Archives. This is a BIG paged archive from TKR's founding in 1993 to the present. The collection recently began (Feb 2009) and is growing a little each day. It should be up to "present time" on the forum by end of the year. Since most the forum fell into Google Hell and I wanted a more readable archive, and one not locked into BBS software, this was a good way to do it. TKR has viewers of every stripe, and their conversations and debates and musing is, I think, a great reference for people new to the field, who I know are hungry for real talk from real viewers. I suspect it'll provide some historical insight into the state of the field at the time, as well.

Collected email list of Remote Viewing Oasis discussion (RV Oasis/pjrv) 2002-3. Each discussion thread in a single file. About 100 remote viewers talking about hands-on RV and the issues in the field at the time. I ran out of time so eventually closed it; I was working on opening TKR.

Along with the Firedocs RV Collection there was/is a blog, the Firedocs Remote Viewing blog, although it is more personal than general, and mostly from post-2000 when most of the Firedocs site, except a few small updates (FAQ, editorials, interviews) is pre-2000.

Psychical Research, Parapsychology, Psi Science, and other forms of inquiry into human perceptual ability

I'm building this right now. A whole slew of stuff will be going online over the next 14 months, most of it science-related. I think remote viewers will really enjoy what is planned.

The Dojo Psi always links to The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, because remote viewing (under RV or any other name) should always begin with a legitimate science protocol.

And the dojo links to #001 Remote Viewer Joseph McMoneagle, because he walks the talk, a long road and often alone, and he rocks.

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