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The Dojo Psi Library "Psi Archives" Section: An Official Intro (by PJ Gaenir):

The history of remote viewing has more argument about it than the bible, and that goes for the history of yesterday, not just yesteryear. There has been a gradual growth of understanding as evidence on the internet, sice late 1995 when the U.S. Government revealed what it called "The StarGate Program" (actually a collection of revealed projects bundled under that new umbrella name).

The public has seen a hard learning curve against disinformation, commercialism, politics that are social, business, marketing and actual-political as well, and a lot of outright cultism on several levels. Also, the people openly involved on the internet have often revised their own histories repeatedly to look much shinier from the armchair of retrospect.

As I've studied subjects that were "pieced together from the future" (such as hypnosis, and some alternative health topics), I have seen how easy it really is for a whole body of literature to be essentially wiped out on a subject, even one that seemed so 'popular' that I'm sure the participants of those times thought it would never die. It has often been little more than casual newsletters or personal notes found in estate collections that helped interested people play historian and put some of the ideas and facts together to recreate the puzzle of the past.

It is my hope that archiving everything I can will someday provide people in the future with a degree of reference---for sociological purposes as well as remote viewing itself, since I see a good deal of the public history as a journey through ignorance I hope we will someday view with understanding and humor. Who knows? Perhaps some aspect of me will be looking back at this from the future and trying to get a handle on our today.

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