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    Dick Allgire mentions PJ and Firedocs

    PJ, did you know that Dick Allgire mentioned you and Firedocs recently when talking about his first ever visual contact with a target when he was learning Remote Viewing? He's so welll established now that it's hard to imagine him as a student. Dick Allgire Video
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    Life in the 6 planet system HD-70642 (Lyn Buchanan)

    This may have been written about already. Did a short search and didn't see it. I could be wrong, and apologies if so. I think you could call this a media event. It was a streamed chat on YouTube. It always blows my mind to hear what Lyn Buchanan has to say. He's very matter-of-fact...
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    Seeing while blindfolded

    Thanks to you both for the responses. RVTrainee001, would you share more about having seen it in person? Fascinating topic.
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    What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?

    To get myself mentally situated, I listen to Zeppelin's Kashmir with a pure theta track under it. If'you're on a full PC, Mac or Windows tablet, you can run multiple YouTube windows simultaneously. I block the intrusive ads with a Chrome browser plugin. If I tire of Kashmir and/or if I want...
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    Mysterious observatory evacuation stirs alien conspiracy theories

    Here's an update: KQRE News - Albuquerque Since I live in New Mexico, I find myself speculating. Gotta admit it's too juicy to pass up. The evacuation was more than the observatory, I see. If it wasn't for the helicopter, I'd assume it would be an environmental concern like a gas leak or a...
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    Seeing while blindfolded

    In checking if this topic has been discussed before, I came across a thread called, RV by Blind People. It's reasonably related, but it's in the Hands-on and Experiential RV category. Thought I'd post over here in Psi/RV General.. Myself, I have been skeptical, but I am coming around on this...
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    Jacques Vallee: The Software of Consciousness and the Secret (Psychic) History of the World Wide Web

    Thanks for the link. Watching it now, and it's very interesting so far.
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    First bilocation experince during CRV session

    Thanks very much for the positive reception and for the thoughts. Good idea about a greatest hits forum section or a book. I'd be interested to know what further ideas you have along these lines. What just occurred to me is that I'd love for others to view the target, still blind to it...
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    First bilocation experince during CRV session

    Who knows, bilocation may old hat to some of you. I would like to share my bilocation experience during a remote viewing session with people who understand what Remote Viewing is and what bilocation is. It was simply stunning, let me tell ya. After a few months break, I worked some practice...
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    New Method For Having Lucid Dreams Has Been Discovered by Scientists

    Interesting. Thank you. I wonder if there's a non-prescription supplement that does what galantamine does. I'm surrounded by psychiatrists at work. Maybe I can find out from them and report back.
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    Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment

    Thanks very much for the link. Looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to diving in. I read that Daryl Bem has done some experiments to test for retrocausality ( I believe published on retrocausal effects for studying after an exam ...
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    Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment

    Thanks, PJ. Sorry to have missed it. Did what I thought was good searching, but just didn't see it. Quite an extensive thread. Lots of good discussion. Upon initial inspection, it looks like the participants didn't have the luxury of accessing the picture. I've combed the picture quite a...
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    Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place or if this topic has already been discussed. I read about an experimental session in which Glenn Wheaton of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, HRVG, attempted to place a message in a photograph taken in the past. Whether he was successful or not has been...
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    Welcome, 234duni.

    Welcome, 234duni.
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    Keep at it, RickDan. It will happen eventually. Let me bring your attention to a passage from the book, Mental Radio, as transcribed by Russell Targ and Jane Katra. It's at the first indent on page 96 of Miracles of Mind. It's really easy for someone to say, "Relax and don't try to force...