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    Chilling effect on discussing psi, RV, paranormal

    This is why we make forms like this. Finding a place that isn't like any other social media. Like minded forms are usually more accepting and understanding.
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    Great tips..still
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    Daz been looking over your rv examples They help to connect to guides,
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    I am a router. LOL I never know what information I might receive. After 50 years being involved in this I think I am finally making some sense of it all.
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    I didn't make the posts above but anyway I was hoping to get them to erase them all because I am looking for a job and it has my email address on here. Not really good for applying for a job. I don't knowhow anyone could hake in and just randomly write stuff under someone screen name but anyway...
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    My screen name and posts were hi jacked. I haven't made most of what is read here by "basic" but its interesting.. peace.
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    Manifesting visible light?

    Some people thing we are made of energy if this is so and we can create light from within why would this yeld a new age nuke. Besides it was to only make a light by mentally think of one via remote. I think energy as in nuke is different then just light. I don't think it would be dangerous if...
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    The Five greatest Mysteries of Remote Viewing

    The greatest mystery is that there is a large mass of antimatter that holds all information and that it's accessible. Trust me what we can do is just a small, tiny, little bit, the Divine can do SO much more!
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    Excellent post red!
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    A psychologist? Are you a doctor?? I am not sure how this would relate to "normal" people and how intuitiveness would be any different I suppose it the actions of a person that would be a sure sign of a healthy mind. I suppose this is one reason some people are taught the "mysteries" and some...
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    I didn't know that..well I guess if they can tell you their name, address and social security number is not so far out there..LOL Statements?? Like what for instance?
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    People who are hearing voices don't ACTUALLY hear voices just a lot of muffled noises.. So I guess its up to the interpreter.
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    True you can't MAKE someone do something but influence sure you can..You influenced me enough to ..write. LOL
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    Persistent warning needing help with

    Yes theres nothing there..once though he got sick on "air line" food.
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    Extra Terrestrials and RV/OBE

    That was an awesome piece of video..