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    Telepathy How LSD, mescaline and other hallucinogens enhance your psychic powers

    All my life, I've must be on drugs then. I have had OBEs since I was 4 years old and I would see connections between seemingly unrelated events and predict outcomes since I was in 3rd grade...It's a lot like Apophenia, only the outcomes, derived from my notions were always as predicted...
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    Psychic future: what next for the ‘precog economy’?

    I see mental regulation. Thoughts would be regulated for the power of navigating the collective manifestation. RIght now they are experimenting on all levels, as the global consciousness awakens to a 5D update on the simulation, a few mental regulators would like it to be already under their...
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    Changing something in the past and will it affect the future or not?

    I used to go to one moment in time in my childhood. Persistently every day. I would go and tell my little "me" looking in the mirror, "Love yourself when there's no one else." Months later, I remembered a presence in my childhood, an older woman coming into the hall and telling me to love...