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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    I actually found my old ID and password, and after getting a warning just changed it. yes, Viewing to validation is very…err valid. There is the intended feedback (Intended by Tasker, whether yourself or someone else), and there is the all the other stuff that may be in our memories in the...
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    how do i focus on naming a target

    That is so frustrating. Why does the mind do that? Why can't we make more accurate associations? It looks as if whatever part of the brain that processes the psi data has access to our stored memories so it can make some association, but sometimes it appears to grab the nearest one as if to say...
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    2008 UK RV get together??

    A UK conference?!! It's about time things started to happen in the UK. I am really looking forward to that. :D Blue