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    Remote Influencing / Chaos magic?

    I run a tight group that is mostly Chaote. We are experimenting with this. We prefer servitors for this because you need front end and back end work when your doing CRVI The start up and ending procedure are the point of change. In terms of remote viewing I would do my start up procedure to...
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    Remote Viewing Human Medical Conditions

    Ideograms can be used for the same thing that psychometric skills are used for. I would employ both besides dowsing. Multiskill approaches usually give me better results. I add traditional skills to that. You can develop the ideograms to be quite complex and even to the point of actual...
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    Remote Viewing Human Medical Conditions

    another approach to doing remote viewing of physical and or energetics can be done with a psychometric focus. Both the ideogram approach and psychometric can be used in the same session since they occur at different points. This approach requires you to go to S4. You need to have good contact...
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    Article on the hazards of psychic backlash

    I've only seen good come from my psychic work. I think it depends on your mindset and beliefs going in. You can remote influence yourself to have bad luck and I suspect that is what was happening. If you come at any entity aggressively they will respond. This work done by the department of...
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    RV awareness by the general population queston and comment

    I'm of a mind that CRV should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn it. But it should not be mainstreamed. The reason being is that this is following the same track as Alchemy did. Most people today think alchemy was a descendent of chemistry and the later versions of alchemy were. But...
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    Workarounds for self-tasking

    oh okay Im nearing 30 pgs per session and only doing up to phase 4. Just doing them differently I guess. I get the data slam at phase 4 and can't hardly keep up it takes quite a bit to straighten it out so it makes sense then I have to move around to slather it together a bit more.
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    Workarounds for self-tasking

    "I do that too. Every now and then, I'll toss a self-made target regarding some subject that interests me into either my main, large practice pool (over 2-300 targets) or, if I'm really interested in the subject, into my smaller weekly pool (which usually has between 20 and 50 targets...
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    Workarounds for self-tasking

    I take the targets I'm interested in and also add practice targets from a target pool which makes the bag unpredicatable since the target pool targets are completely unknown to me. I do a grab bag session if I have time between practice sessions I do for class maybe a couple times a month...
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    ERV, EBP, OBE, Astral Proj and other RV methods

    I have found a good practice hypnosis tapes. These are on iphones too. The idea can be modified to fit our needs. Edgar Cayce when he worked basically memorized his induction and used it. That is probably a good idea. Cayce's the standard as far as ERV is concerned in my way of thinking. He...
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    ERV, EBP, OBE, Astral Proj and other RV methods

    I'm working on it but working more from a phasing/and scrying level rather than full out of body. I'll be using a monitor. I'm studying hypnosis methods now and will be getting certified when the course becomes available. I'd like to see more structure in ERV so anyone can learn it. I think...
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    It seems my sketches go one of two ways. I pick up a physical aspect of the target and the drawing makes me feel like superviewer ;D or the drawing picks up an abstract concept related to the target and I feel kinda Meh ??? I've been trying to get both in the same session but it doesn't seem to...