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    Artificial intelligence trying to decode a video This is google's image analysis engine trying to understand the intro of star trek voyager. I found this fascinating because the machine's wrong interpretations were very reminiscent of some of the wrong interpretations I get while remote viewing and...
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    Thank you remote viewers, for TKR! Happy New Year 2012!

    Happy new (final) year everybody. Keep up the good work. Many props to PJ and all who worked on this website. I've already said it, but this website is an historical landmark. The first website with a real significance for PSI work. I've spent many years researching this domain of knowledge...
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    Just noticed a new version of Frapper and it seems broken. Some frames are unreadable (Firefox) and the little pins on the map are now horrible and difficult to discriminate. Yuck!
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    McMoneagle Chronicles (Esoteria)

    Wow, very intersting ideas. Although we should keep in my mind that these are just opinions and should be taken with a pinch of salt. But definitely interesting to hear Mr McMonneagle's views on these subject.
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    feel special/privileged?

    I don't feel superior or privileged. I just feel less dumb than the vast majority, who revel in ignorance , consumerism and bigotry rather than to take the courage to tackle the serious spiritual questions.
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    Why do you Remote View?

    To satisfy my insatiable curiosity and maybe for the superpowers too.
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    Anyone have a...

    I agree with what Morgan said. (had to correct her humbleness:D )
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    Yeah there are people who registered and lost interest (or it just wasn't their thing) and never came back. BTW the fact that you are obliged to register before viewing the galleries or anything is a nice filter thing, but IMO it would require some sort of automated process to eliminate older...
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    psitech omega team

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    JFK - Lone Assasin ?

    great session! The viewer had a good contact with this particular, event, maybe too much actually.He recognized the event early and that might have tainted the data. The data provided, with the guy hiding and looking from behind sthg, reminds me of that XFiles episode about JFK, where the...
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    target # issue

    You shouldn't get used to the presentation to the point of not having hits when it changes. Keep training and it should come back, and EBAY is really a waste of time (and money)
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    YO PJ I just understood what was taskrbot , that's great. I had started thinking I should go and write my own software one day to start my pool of UFOs and Atlantean crystals. Now thanks to the taskerbot project I can just go and play videogames instead. Thanks PJ, you're cool 8)
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    Please welcome new TKR Staff

    <booming robotic voice> *WELCOME, Larry D. and Talulah R ! Prepare for assimilation.*
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    RVing Religious icons, Mohammed, Christ, Krishna

    Re: RVing Religious icons, Mohammed, Christ, Krish IMO people will not be aware of the session if they don't come to this website of "dark sorcery" in the first place (which they shouldn't be doing) so it should be safe. And why would we consider RV as "dark sorcery" anyway? We the PSI people...
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    Deciphering Feedback

    Ok take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think that, when it comes to PSI interpretation there is not written method. At this moment in my learning I am incapable to tell if my session hits refer to the real-life target or the feedback picture. It seems that some of my data are symbolic and...