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    qi gong

    Incidentally since PJ mentioned healing -- and that is one of the topics of this section -- you might find inspiring, this magazine cover story about Master Liang's daughter Helen and her experiences with cancer. It's called "Opening and Closing the Gates of Heaven: Helen Liang's Triumph over...
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    qi gong

    PJ wrote: >Were you studying with him in some way? As an attendee at an annual event that draws quite a few famous Taiji, Bagua and Qigong masters. It's produced by A Taste of China ( and is held in Winchester, Va. Liang also teaches in Vancouver where he is...
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    qi gong

    Qigong Empowerment is an outstanding book. I had the good fortune to spend time with Master Liang last summer and this summer. In the photos in the book he appears kind of dour (hey I would too if I hit myself in the head with a baseball bat, among the kinds of extreme training in the book). In...
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    Seeking how to get started info

    I advise doing whatever you can to attend Dave Morehouse's trainings. He is such an extraordinary teacher. I found the experience well worth the time and money spent.
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    i keep hearing a small hissing sound

    On the hissing, whistling or ringing sound I highly recommend the book The Ringing Sound by Eric Gustafson. - or - In most cases the inner sound does not have an organic basis like tinnitus. The "audible life current" or "sound...