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    Hi Morgan, hope you are having a great weekend. :) I was thinking something along similar lines earlier today, and wrote a few (rough) notes in by pad: 18th December 2005 A human being, with an awareness oriented to more than 3 dimensions, perhaps with an absolute perspective of...
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    C G Jung's Collective Unconscious

    Gilain_Irongrinder: Yeah, well um... that's your opinion! ;) Bingo: Me too! :D Cheers!
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    Remote Viewing Images on Television

    Woah! Getting kindof philosophical in here guys ;) Cool. Banded_Krait: I disagree B_K, that is speculation. Maybe all of us are using our imagination when we RV, that doesn't mean we don't have target acquisition. Banded_Krait: Maybe Joe has learned a process to acquire the...
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    Gary Langford's RV Teaching Method

    Damn, this thread is invaluable and I ended up a while back in hospital with amnesia & a whopper headache! The memory of this particular thread was dormant until I stumbled upon it again. ::) It all makes so much sense. Imagine being a 2-dimensional being, and trying to get to grips with...
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    Emotional overlay?

    Emotions are a fundamental aspect of most, if not all, mammalian life on the planet. Useful or not, it all depends on the circumstances.. though I don't think anyone will deny the power emotion can hold over us. So yeah, I'd say it can impact your whole outlook, let alone an RV session. For...
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    Just an observation...

    Great posts guys, just finished reading up on this thread. :) This all just proves that we need to stick together as a community, regardless of how informal. As we all seem to have had negative experiences with the.. uninitiated, we really need to stop having these people interfere with...
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    Just an observation...

    I like that term. :) [snip from notebook] ...semi-utilisation of non-local interaction, limited by basic ideological structure of reality. This is used to assert conformity through a heightened ability to discriminate. Not pleasant. :( Sound advice :)
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    PSI Process As Memory-Trigger?

    Coffee, for qualitative RV Coffee, for qualitative remote viewing!
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    PSI Process As Memory-Trigger?

    Re: PSI Process As Memory-Trigger? YES -- I'm back Hey guys :) I haven't been jailed or institutionalised! Took a small holiday, and though I thought about stopping by and sayin' hi, was freaking out 'cause I wasn't sure about losing what little sanity I have left. You know, the last month...
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    Chorio(... I think thats how it's spelled)

    Not gonna happen, chump!
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    PSI Bar

    Re: apache & workerant Gee thanks, To caffeine! :D and friendship. Cheers, Apache, workerant. :) Of course they are :D There's always a 'they' :P <sips coffee>Have to remain perked up, so I can spot them when they come!
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    An Experiment with Time, Preface by Russell Targ

    Re: Winter, preface & everyone else :) Hey guys, I still have to read this book :P It's just that premonition I was babbling about that made me uneasy, so I was chilling out the last few days. FEMA in the USA, but if you mean prepare by using psi to determine the most likely future disaster...
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    PSI Bar

    Re: workerant Heh do I seem that bi-polar, workerant? :D
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    Operational Tasking Request

    Re: Marv :*( God darn-it! I remember now why I gave up on remote viewing all that time ago.. it gets too confusing with all the extra nonlocal info being brought to the attention of my awareness. Association is important for the mind to 'memorise' perceived events, and to process them. Add...
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    An Experiment with Time, Preface by Russell Targ

    Re: About Article This has so much to do with Remote Viewing, and following that long lost 'thread' about remote viewing future events, I just had to post this. :) My apologies if there are any discrepancies Mr Targ, I tried to keep it as near as coding would allow me to the original print...