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    Hi Daz, Great to see this new endeavor on your part and that of the TKR and RV community. I am looking forward to reading your revised Open Source manual and reading Eight Martinis and browsing your website while having some tea. Your contributions are always valuable and of the highest...
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    RV'ing as a career

    From my point of view and what I've seen so far, it is my belief that the chance of a person who likes remote viewing and wants to become a successful professional remote viewer are the same as those of a person who likes running and wishes to become an Olympic Gold medalist. Yes, plenty of...
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    new Morehouse book

    Just got's like a CRVer's dream come true...
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    Nice video of a successful RV session

    Thanx for sharing. A great viewing session and great feedback. She picked on the most recognizable features of the location, it was very interesting. Also very interesting that she was so aware during her viewing, even laughed and seemed to just be in a conversation with the monitor...
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    Stage 6

    CRV Stage 6 is based on 3D clay modeling. If you are not modeling, then you cant really do Stage 6. At least, no in the traditional CRV methodology. Psi Tech/TRV Stage 6 and LearnRV/TRV Stage 6 are both different from each other and from CRV. There is very little in common between them other...
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    Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that well..

    Re: Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that wel The biggest problem with the LearnRV methodology, IMO, is the lack of a proper Stage 1 like it was meant to be done. There is no ideogram repetition, and the decoding is only half done. Other than that, it is pretty much like CRV and the...
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    New Admin Staff at TKR

    Great to see the Staff growing :)
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    Time Traveler revelations

    Exactly Daz, I thought if any group of people would be more open minded about a time traveler being real, it would be remote viewers ;) Well, perhaps not all is lost, and technology and R&D remain. But since people get wiser (a world-wide catastrophic event will tend to change people a lot, for...
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    Time Traveler revelations

    Well, if a world nuclear war destroys most cities, industry and technology...what else you gonna do besides agriculture? It's not like you can (or want to) design a satellite using sophisticated computer software, if the software and computers and manufacturing facilities have all been...
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    Time Traveler revelations and Have a look. Take your time. Read through and then I'd like to hear your thoughts on those subjects that related to RV and precognition, and RV-based predictions of our future. Also, on the concept of...
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    On being a psych major and a psychic

    Hi Ankhet and Welcome to TKR read my signature ;)
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    What Are You all Up To?

    I have not been viewing, and hence why you havn't seen me around here. I realize that I was starting to become one of those people who just talk about RV but never actually do it, and I didn't want to progress further in that direction. I miss talking about RV, and I miss RVing, but as I...
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    Dames' Team Members Website

    $2200....ROFL Nevada Remote Viewing Group, 500 to 750 bucks for STage 1 to 6 CRV. (While Paul is 1000/stage and Lyn is 500/stage). Nuff said. You can tell who is doing it for the money, without a care about RV, and who is doing it honestly, to help people learn this skill.