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    Sorry peeps..

    Yes Daz. I am back at this. I would love a target!
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    ARV With

    More long-term success on this game! support link:
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    Another interesting Target.

    Good for me. I'll work on it soon, here.
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    Another interesting Target.

    Sounds intriguing. After all, it could be a very fun target. Do you have a general deadline/timeframe to have a session in by? Will there be any feedback given for viewing?
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    ARV With

    Sparkprofit trials I improved my approach, and was the most successful this week! I am at 103,996 points.
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    ARV With

    Last two weeks results
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    Do you guys want anothr target

    I would like to work on a target, Daz. Thanks
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    ARV With

    I finally got back to SparkProfit. It is not exactly real time, but it is fun to test precognition. I did not use ARV this time. I went for the two currencies that were to go up this week. Bitcoin came really close, and I overshot for Jap/USD. I gained points, however, for both. :D If you...
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    CRV Practice target due May 26 2016

    Amazing job everyone! I learned so much with this target. I did not get the "low pressure" feel, like I do with ocean targets, and it was a bit confusing. The shimmer of the shallow water taught me a lot. I had a bunch of informational overload. After getting feedback, comprehending the war and...
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    CRV Practice target due May 26 2016

    I will have a session in good time for this target. Thank you for the reminder.
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    CRV Practice target for March2016 - due in by MAR 31st 2016

    I agree, everyone did very well and hit on consistant data. I learned a lot by looking at everyones work. I noticed that elements of data were taken to stage 4 in your work, Janine, and I understand how to better probe info. I probed blank areas near data sketches to expand on them, which was a...
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    Interesting Target

    This target was really fun and interesting! Thanks for a great challenge. :-)
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    Re: challenge

    Testing precognition is great. I think unconventional methods are fun, too. But I dont appreciate the place I go to have a target each month for the public to view, Blind, being the place to read such garbage. Daz has been posting the targets and doing the feedback by choice. For no profit. And...
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    What does training do to your RV skills?

    When I first started CRV practice, I made goals to test accuracy and withstand distraction. I am sure it is not recommended to cut out cool down sessions or have random noises around, but this has been my choice. I began teaching myself and practice with mentorship from Daz, with my phone...