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    Viewing test

    Hmm, amusing...YES Waste of time...YES / Back to RV
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    Viewing test

    Ah... I have not been here for a few weeks, I come back and lo and behold there is some interaction. I cant wait to read what's in between page one and 13. /getting my popcorn!
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    The Patterns of Reality

    How this fits into the RV picture??? I don't know. If we discover "the ultimate building blocks" of the Universe through RV, I wonder if we will also find answers to more esoteric questions such as "What is Love" and "What is the purpose of life" etc. etc. I know I am bordering on religious...
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    The Patterns of Reality

    Hi, I agree, there appears to be a limited set of conceptual blocks of meaning, but more importantly, in reality there is also a sense of beauty, organization and hierarchy in which the total is greater than the sum of its parts. I hope that we through RV are able to investigate some...
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    RV symbology and dream symbology

    I wish I could say the same. I have always enjoyed my dreams, but ever since I started RV, or perhaps for some other reason, I don't remember my dreams anymore, zero, zilch, nada. Except for last week when I was out with the flu and slept 14 hours a day, I started remembering some of my...
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    I found this paper pretty interesting when I did some reading on time and Buddhism. Jim K.
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    Herbs, Caffeine Effects on  RV, Telepathy

    Re: Herbs, Caffeine Effects on  RV, Telepathy Yes, but it is also very effective at keeping you out of a Low-Alpha/High-Theta state. That's where I like hanging out, so for me, a good workout before, a glass of wine or ONE beer, not 2 or good. You can have 2 or 3 martinis after, if...
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    Implications of Decision Augmentation Theory

    Karl, Yes, it is generally considered that advanced meditation practitioners will gain certain powers. It is but one step of the way towards Nirvana, and yet many people believe they have attained their goal when these powers emerge. The danger is attachment and desiring these powers. I...
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    Implications of Decision Augmentation Theory

    So...did you just point out the lesson learned here? Interesting coincidence, I had an encounter with a fairly large spider last week when I was cleaning the house. I try not to kill stuff on instinct anymore, and I actually had to go find something suitable to lift the spider up with so I...
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    Implications of Decision Augmentation Theory

    Darn good thread! If you look at some of the philosophical points that have been made here, a lot resonates with what I know about Daoism. Supposedly, there are conditions in the Universe that 'resonate' with who you are, and if you sort of 'find your groove', if you live in harmony with your...
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    Analysis, blind or not?

    Hi Eva, What I meant to say was that the project I am about to publish, has a lot of different data between the viewers. At a first glance it would be difficult to say anything about the target because the data is all over, but consensus analysis in this case managed to pull out the congruent...
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    Analysis, blind or not?

    Eva and everyone else for that matter... If any quotes are from me, feel free to quote me as you wish. I try not to say things that I feel like I would regret later. (Runs off to archives just to make sure...) 8) I got an analysis project almost done for publication that will detail...
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    Split brain

    My guess would be stark raving mad...I'm sure some people have all the time and money to get these toys, but do you ever hear from them??? Where are they? Hello, if you can hear me please talk to us... Oops...forgot they are in a sensory deprivation chamber and can't hear us, lol! ;)
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    Where to start?

    "All my life ive felt like theres someone watching over me, offering me advice that I cant hear for some infuriating reason. I think through RV maybe i could 'hear' this voice..... can anyone help? " Hehe, just a word of caution, if you ever get a psych-eval after you start doing RV, they may...
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    Sessions and Personality

    "It's our "sense of identity" that is steady--not 'us' itself. Part of "we" are peeling off with our stomach lining cells every seven days and so forth!" What holds this "sense of identity" together? Is it really a valid question to ask who is doing the perceiving of our own reality? Many...