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    CRV practice target - Due JUNE 6 2014

    Well this target caused a lot of anxiety for me and just posting a comment about it stirs it up again lol. Well at least I can see why it did now and I'm still glad I did the viewing, I will survive. Definitely walked away with some added experience! I agree, there is some really nice work by...
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    Remote View This! -- TKR Offside Viewer Club

    IRVA uses yahoo groups for their monthly Focal Point target practice and it is pretty user friendly. Should be fun!! Thanks PJ! Kim
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    The Black Knight satellite

    A reoccurring symbol in my viewing led me to the Black Knight Satellite recently and it seems to be piecing into into something strange. I thought I'd take a look on here for any related posts. Guess this is it! What I found interesting was that all these articles I read and videos I watched...
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    Technique used

    I probably should have mentioned that the app I prefer offers isochronic tones which are supposedly better. I do prefer them over the binaural ones. Don says not some magic bullet. For me I like to keep myself able to view in all types of environments so I don't get overly dependent...
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    Technique used

    I do. I use the brainwave app on my iPhone. It has a wide selection to choose from. There is one specifically for RV on their that cycles between delta and theta waves that I use mostly but I do use their specific chakra downloads as well. It all depends on how you're feeling and where the...