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    McMoneagle Chronicles (tasking and frontloading)

    Re: McMoneagle Chronicles (tasking and frontloadin Great job, Eva. Thanks for taking the time to provide so much detail. For my two cents, it's not "Frontloading" if you're only cuing on data already perceived in-session. Monitors request amplification from Viewers all the time in-session, and...
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    Viewing People

    You're welcome, Brayden. I should point out that the "save" feature may malfunction. A quick fix is to press Ctrl+Alt+Printscreen to copy the image, then open a Word document and press Ctrl+V to paste it there.
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    Viewing People
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    Viewing People

    I learned a handy trick last summer from one of the best. Make up matrices specifically for your target groups beforehand. I've got them for humans, structures, and the like. When you're fairly certain (?) one is pertinent to your target, pull out the appropriate matrix and continue on after a...
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    Teaching RV

    Scrape together ten bucks and buy PSITECH'S "Quickstart" Video, and use that as your outline. Then tell 'em how to structure the columns for S2, S3, etc. That oughta do it.
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    Just F.Y.I, I received the same text verbatim in an unsolicited email almost a year ago. Couldn't imagine how it got to my inbox, considering it had no connection to TKR. Seems strange to see it again here.
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    Please welcome new TKR Staff

    Fair Winds and Following Seas, newbies. ;)
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    The McMoneagle Chronicles (speech report)

    13 pages of notes, and no way of pm'ing you. What'll you take in trade for a quick scan and email?
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    While I encourage anyone's interest in Remote Viewing, I would like to politely point out that there is a better Topics Section for your inquiry than this "Remote Viewer General Discussion" Section. If you surf to the home page, Four Topic Section's down, you'll find the "Esoteria" Section...
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    Re: RV Certification

    ...and you were so close to having me civilly "agree to disagree". :-/ You know exactly what I meant, but consciously chose to omit the Channelers and other delusionals; and those who enabled them. Look, you have your beliefs, and I, mine. So be it. Public acceptance is difficult enough with...
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    Re: RV Certification

    Hi Polka, Yes, you have this right. And we just had Dr. May saying so too. If anyone is of a different opinion, fine. At least I can prove my theorum, since not everyone is functioning psychically. One can presume "they all could if they wanted to" as much as I could presume "pigs could fly...
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    Re: RV Certification

    Obviously, I am of the opinion that psi is not "inborn". Baseball players have to prove their skill. Not everyone is a born athelete, either.
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    Hey there, Newbie here :)

    When you click on it, it'll bring you here: enjoy! ;D
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    Hey there, Newbie here :)

    Hi Swoboda, I had a 5 min. guide to the fundamentals awhile back, but if you've already got three targets with credible results, you're beyond the need for it. Don't sweat shortcomings in specific data categories, either. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses...
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    Intuitive or going slightly mad

    Hi littleted, You don't sound crazy to me. Breakups are emotional rollercoasters, so anything's possible. Personally, 'methinks thou dost protest too much'. "Psychic" has a negative emotional connotation. I get that. But ask any truly psi-functional person, and they'll tell you it's as natural...