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    Anyone heard of the Wild Divine Products?

    I have to agree that it is very new agey. The demo on the website is pretty indicative of the type of format that the game follows. So if you don't like that type of music and scenery, you wouldn't like the game. For me it is calming, and helpful. Hmmm, as you try different tasks, you can...
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    Anyone heard of the Wild Divine Products?

    Hi Morgan, I had to look up in the booklet about the sensors to see exactly what is measured. Here is what it says. The two sensors on your ring and pointer fingers measure your Skin Conductance Level (SCL) which measures sweat gland activity. Increased perspiration indicates...
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    Anyone heard of the Wild Divine Products?

    Hi Everyone, I bought the Wild Divine for my big Christmas present this year. I also was a bit wary of spending the money too. (by the way I got an additional $20 off when I bought it from another site.) So far I am really pleased with it. I am not a gaming person, so I am really taking...
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    8 days and counting.

    PJ, There is going to be a big empty spot here till you come back! I'm glad you are doing this for yourself, you always seem to be running at 200% for everyone else. It'll be a healthy break for you. Just don't forget the way back! ;) Enjoy :-* Linda
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    Gary Langford's RV Teaching Method

    Hi Gary, 1. You gave us so many interesting things to think about, thank you for that. The one that struck a cord with me was this paragraph about the key. Can you elaborate a little more about your theory, how you go about using the key and what would be a few other category examples. "The...
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    ego breakdown

    Morgan, It seems many of us have shared the same stages. I went through quite a few slumps myself. I seem to have been caught up in expecting myself to perform at a certain level in my head. Remembering the hits, made me get to the point where I expected that of myself everytime and...
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    Psychic parrot

    Hi, Here is an interesting article about a parrot that can see pictures it's owner holds in another room. Enjoy, Linda
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    Dreaming when people die

    Hi all, You know a funny thing happened. This Saturday night I dreamt of a giant toilet bowl ;D Ok, I didn't think much of it, and had a laugh with my daughter. On Sunday night my mom called, and Saturday she was talking to the ex-wife of a distant relation. The ex-wife was saying to...
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    When I was about 10 yrs old, I was lucky enough to see balled lightening. Of course I had no idea what it was at the time. I was laying in bed one morning and it was a stormy type day and my eyes were closed, then I heard a crackly, static sound. When I looked across the room there was a...
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    Hi, I had an experience once with it. In that instance it worked really well. It's kind of hard to get things like that to practice with. I love the idea of it. another thing to find time to practice :) Linda
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    Hypnagogic images/text when waking

    author=polka_dot PUH_JOMMIES link=board=receptive;num=1080668654;start=10#14 date=04/22/04 at 20:40:42] "JUST the first time Linda ?  :D How about the 2nd through the 50th?... " Oh yeah, I just didn't want to appear too wimpy :o "there was no doubt in my mind that I wasn't...
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    Hypnagogic images/text when waking

    LOL, if that's the case, we'll all be going to the funny farm together, you are in good company, the party's in my room :) As far as the short snippets, I used to focus on trying to stay longer in the moment, and still do try, but you know how if you just wait, more snippets come. I'm finding...
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    Hypnagogic images/text when waking

    Hi all, I wanted to thankyou all for bringing this subject up. Many of the circumstances you mentioned have also happened to me. I get written words fairly often and in many forms while in this state, sometimes I am reading the page of a book, an email, a headline, a banner and even...
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    What one thing has improved your RV the most?

    Hi All, So much good information here, it's great. Especially, letting go of ego and the unwavering belief that RV works. I also tried to improve my left/right brain communication as well. I am left-handed so there are many opportunities to practice. (incidentally both my parents are...