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    Tom McNear discusses "Ingo Swann and His Posthumously Published Book 'Psychic Literacy and the Coming Psychic Renaissance'""

    Talk With Tom McNear - "Ingo Swann and His Posthumously Published Book 'Psychic Literacy and the Coming Psychic Renaissance'" Thomas (Tom) McNear, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (ret.) was the first member of the Army Star Gate program to be personally trained in Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV)...
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    ARV and PK at APP conference-workshop in Vegas, June 28 - 30

    In addition to 5 wagerable ARV sporting predictions APP 2019 offers you: "Bizarre Events while Remote Viewing" (Joe McMoneagle) “How to use all of your senses to capture details for your RV session” (Lori Williams) “Hands-on, small group telekinesis training” (Sean McNamara) "Poltergeist: What's...
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    Predict a Sporting Event and Free Webinar

    This approach is very similar to what is done in another APP sports prediction group. There are two active sports related groups and one - the Lively Group - uses a model similar to what is described in that article.
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    Predict a Sporting Event and Free Webinar

    I have replaced my sports ARVing with Financial ARVing in the groups I manage. In particular, I have moved my groups to FOREX (Foreign EXchange) markets which exchange currencies at the level of trillions of dollars per day. Using an Up vs. Down binary approach with price stops and limits...
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    "Unrelated" information about a target

    And what about information where the sub shows a real sense of humor. For example, I have attached a Target and an untrained musician's sketch which two judges saw as a clear match because of "mooning"? :)
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    Music From the Fringe: RV-Inspired from the Future with Poems/PhotoSites

    Remote Viewing was applied in a creative RV-Music collaboration with Sam and Nancy Smith, 4 cellists and 2 composers. "Music from the Fringe" concert link The cellists did 4 RV sessions, 3 on Thursday, 1 in the morning on Friday, with the concert on...
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    Predict a Sporting Event and Free Webinar

    Greetings all Remote Viewers, The Applied Precognition Project (APP) has multiple groups exploring and developing different protocols for predicting future sporting and financial outcomes. One of our members, Nancy Smith, has developed a very creative modification to the 1ARV Protocol. This...
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    Joe McMoneagle in an "Applied Precognition" Conference-Workshop-Webinar

    Hi one and all, Joe is looking forward to sharing his extensive knowledge concerning Remote Viewing, Analysis/Judging of RV transcripts, and how to apply RV using precognition. This CWW (Conf-Workshop-Webinar) focuses on applying precognition through a combination of presentations...
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    Jan 21 Pre-Webinar for Super Bowl Precognition Webinar

    We want you ... to join an existing APP* Group or, even better, to start a new Group with people you know. Any style, as long as you share data about your predictions and protocol and intend to "play" for the longish-term. The long-term is important to gather meaningful data and to educate...
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    Super Bowl RV Webinar with Russell Targ

    This webinar is for Remote Viewers who wish to apply personal precognition - your natural capability to gather information from your own future. This webinar is sponsored by the "Applied Precognition Project", APP. APP is organizing precog groups through webinars and workshops. Entry...
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    Group 1ARV: Learn by doing it Webinar!

    Remote Viewers and Analyst/Judges unite, again, using the Group 1ARV Protocol :-) You are invited to participate in a new prediction of a future baseball game as an RVer or AJer. Our Friday morning webinar will be devoted to AJing the submitted RV transcripts and then sharing the prediction...
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    Applied Precognition Las Vegas Workshop

    Applied Precognition: A Workshop for Remote Viewers Skip Atwater Marty Rosenblatt Green Valley Ranch and Resort, Las Vegas June 12 to June 15, 2012 (Tuesday 3:00pm thru Friday 11:00am to permit attendance at the IRVA Conference) [url]For all the details...
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    Remote Influencing yourSelf (RIS) Through Time

    A workshop about Remote Influencing and BiLocation Mel Riley - A "Charter Member" of the Army RV Unit will be discussing bilocation* and Marty Rosenblatt - An Expert in Precognition ____Remote Influencing yourSelf (RIS) Through Time____ Location: Hyatt Place Milwaukee Airport** When: Saturday...
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    1ARV Workshop

    Hi don At TMI now. Teaching 1ARV because binary was only marginally successful. Gotta go Marty
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    1ARV Workshop

    "Actually betting", as you put it, is critical IMO because the "wagering" is an important 4th step in the 1ARV protocol. 1ARV is eventually going to have a reliability factor/index that indicates the confidence in the prediction. This then leads to the amount of energy the 1ARV Team wants to...