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    Courtney Brown's "Big Announcement"

    Cayce's info of the building of the pyramid involved advanced humans fleeing the demise of Atlantis some 11,000 years ago and settling in Egypt. It was 100 years in the building and was accomplished by shifts of people paying 'taxes' as it were, in a similar manner that Incas and Maya worked to...
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    Tesla Idea In The News

    Interesting. I have also read his autubio; most recently a week ago online. But I originally read it sitting on the floor at the metaphysical bookstore in San Francisco in the late 60s. I distinctly remember his statement that his magnifying xmitter sent pulses that travelled in " definite...
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    Joe's comments on the UFO Hunters show on Autec base (May09)

    Tried to post this on Joe's blog ( but the webmarm is AWOL; I get this error msg: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 11520 bytes) in /vservers/mceagle/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/SK2/sk2_plugins/sk2_snowball_plugin.php on line 63 Anyway...
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    Mcmoneagle 2004 UFO presentation

    Hi, I was interested in the Joe Mcmoneagle UFO talk he gave Jan 2004. I know there's a dvd but there was a realaudio link that didn't work. Is there perchance a transcript or a realaudio link that DOES work? I did try to google for it with no success. nia
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    Multi universe- prediction project

    Yes, points well taken. And I note the similarity to Joe Mc's Japanese missing persons method. I went to the findme site but don't see case files there. nia
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    Multi universe- prediction project

    Daz wrote: You have a really important target form a client. Its a mother - her baby has been stolen. You know you have a group of say 8 decent remote viewers. [...] === Have you found children this way? If this frontloading works for you, then keep up the good work. Naturals are able to do...
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    Multi universe- prediction project

    Didn't Puthoff and Targ take their outbond results to a couple judges and let them make the determination of whether Ingo and Hella et al had correctly hit the mark? I do believe so. Here's my visual on this controversy: A couple dozen hunters are in a thick forrest with their shotguns...
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    My prediction comes true:earthquake hits Calf.Dec.6 5.1 scale

    TY, I'll the link. RE: Mel Riley, google : 1987 Mel Riley weird aliens session *.pdf I've read so much over the years I just can't think of where I read more of Riley; maybe firedocs.... nvm, here's the link for the session...
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    My prediction comes true:earthquake hits Calf.Dec.6 5.1 scale

    Hello, I'm replying here because it's at the end of the thread. These rv tasks listed on the farsight public experiment section appear to me to be a clear violation of basic rv protocol, (as I understand it from reading Swann and McMoneagle (and Smith, Buchanan, Ray and Riley). Where's...