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    How Do I Delete My Own Thread?

    erm ... your email address has always been available to the public. Why the sudden concern ? You already made it public under your own profile. ::);u=8034
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    Anyone up for a challenge?

    interesting, do we know who the professional viewer was for this target? just curious.
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    Remote Viewing The Next President of the USA

    Well he might not care for what others think but does he care about Remote Viewing under standard blind or double blind protocol? If he remote views fully front loaded as some have speculated he cannot be surprised if critics comment on his predictions. We are all in support of public...
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    Remote Viewing The Next President of the USA

    In the end....not even close. Feedback can be a bitch sometimes :P
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    Remote Viewing The Next President of the USA

    Data published Jan 2011 by ACH. So far the only known rv session online predicting the outcome of the forthcoming election. Completed in January of 2011, this data shows what I now believe to be a highly symbolic sketch of our next President...
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    The irony is Chris French's test was not even THAT scientific. It was not double blind from what I can see either. Again why does he not test the RV protocol to prove or disprove the case for psychic powers. ? NSA
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    Chris French himself should be tested IMO lol All very well going after controversial so called mediums to prove his own pet theory that there is nothing to any of this psychic powers nonsense but Why cant he and others of his ilk go to known proven remote viewers and test the evidence for PSI...
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    Coast to Coast - Dames on Mars (again)

    The guy is either completely deluded or still thinks he works for the DIA's disinformation dept. The ENTIRE show as always was a complete and utter embarrassment. You could tell he was simply making up the stories as he went along. Telling the gullible CTs what they wanted to hear and the...
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    Coast to Coast - Dames on Mars (again)

    No one slagged him off I just posted a link...but since you brought it up - Joe McMoneagle was the first viewer using RV in a proper blind protocol to highlight potential artificial Structures on the marsian planet and the history of a possible civilization millions of years ago before Dames...
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    Coast to Coast - Dames on Mars (again) NSA
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    Engineering, Remote-viewing as R&D tool.

    Putting it "out there" is all well and good as long as he follows protocol. Sitting in the same room as his viewers fully informed and monitoring the viewers for an operational task which is not a training session is asking for trouble. Surely you should know this by now ? I don't get why...
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    With all the pitfalls and limitations, I still love ARV

    Hi Sharp, How much have you been able to raise/win since doing ARV solo ? Just curious. NSA
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    Interviewing in Session

    Psychic functioning where the monitor is in the same room with the viewer and the monitor clearly knows what the target is. A complete breach of basic protocol. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother sigh :-[ NSA
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    Roswell Whistle Blower.... There were TWO crashes NSA
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    Anyone have experience with "Hybrid-ARV"?

    Its my understanding Shaver has definetly abandoned these ideas as well. There is NO 100% long term accuracy in any of these methods. Now does that mean using RV to make predictions is a lost cause? No all it means is you should use it in conjunction with other tools to Help boost overall...