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    We are looking to hire Remote Viewers and need your feedback.

    Thanks Kiara! I already know who is running the site. It’s Bret’s Techical Intuition Company. I think it’s good to let people know when a link isn’t working... just as a courtesy.
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    Remote Viewing Competition

    Hi Sonny, you’ll have to go to the site! Just like Dojo Psi each Viewer will get an individual target assigned to them. It works slightly different than the Dojo... but based on the same principles. You’d need to go to the site! It works in a similar way as Dojo but slightly different. Here is...
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    Remote Viewing Competition

    Want to practice your Remote Viewing Skills and have a chance at winning a $200 Amazon Gift Card?
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    Importance of sufficient Feedback

    The importance of having more than just a Target Photograph as feedback.
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    Participate in Research & Practice Remote Viewing
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    Anomalies it is...the book "Anomalies". The book contains personal 'anomalous' experiences and describes a personal journey in search of answers to questions even scientists have no clear answer to. It tells the story on how I found myself on the path to Remote Viewing and the choices I...
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    Hypnosis and PSI - Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D.

    Very interesting post, with very interesting views expressed here. Personally I do not believe things are as simple as saying;"A group of experienced scientist have concluded it doesn't work or my experience and other scientist indicate it does work." The problem here is, in my opinion, that...
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    i seem to have xray eyes

    Sorry burst the bubble. I have experienced some episodes of x-ray vision and it is not so much fun at all. Actually quite sickening. Probably great for medical students but really not so much fun while at work behind a desk looking at your colleage. ::) It is really hard to keep going about...
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    A question to all

    Ed Dames Tapes, Ed Dames DVD's Original Declassified Documentation and Original Military CRV manual. Basically read, watched and studies anything I could get my hands on in relation to Remote Viewing. David Morehouse Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing Quick psi-sessions on...
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    Remote Viewing Unit

    Wow, lots of great info here on this topic! Thank you for sharing your experience with Out Bounders Don, that is really a very interesting approach. I believe the exciting thing of Remote Viewing Experiments is that if we do enough 'testing' of hypothesis, we will eventually find something...
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    The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock

    Yes, very interesting! I am still trying to chase the original documents of the Chinese experiment where Photons appeared in a light tight tube while Remote Viewers were describing the Chinese Character on a slide within the tube. I have seen it referenced before, however when someone actually...
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    Remote Viewing Unit

    I agree that the Taskers or Analysts thoughts can not be excluded from the Remote Viewing process, because there are strong indications that the intent of the Tasker is important for the Result of the Remote Viewing Sessions, however since the sessions were already recorded before even the Out...
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    Remote Viewing Unit

    Hi Goreh, Yes, there are amazing results on the Out Bounder Experiments and this video shows only one of the three Out Bounder Experiments we have done so far. We plan on doing the fourth and last one in this series, before the end of this year. Anyone who has been trained in any form of...