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    Keeping Hold of The Visual Imagery?

    Yes, it's true that imagery is often incorrect. But that is in part because we are a visual culture and we tend to identify it and label it rather than describe it. We are so used to the labels that when you do exercises such as to describe every object around you in a room, I at least found I...
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    Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    I've run into a lot of overlap between metaphysics and viewing, usually by accident, but especially with the chakras. Thanks for the reference Elfrino. We do tend to get a lot of 'wild and wooly' in the RV field of things that aren't much related (except by being "woo" it seems), but when one...
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    Target pool

    Your enthusiasm is appreciated but this would be better taken up in a facebook group Mark. Most viewers won't view for people they don't know, nor care to be ranked publicly. I might add that re: the forum lack of activity? -- you're about five years late. ;-) PJ
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    Thanks jrb, I used to have this but haven't seen it in a long time. I forgot daz would surely have it on his site.
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    Thanks JRB. Where is McNear's manual?
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    Perceptual Gardening in the Fields of Popular Science — Quantum Entanglement, Non-Locality and the Psi Question

    Lovely article. Aside from one paragraph that contradicted all the rest of it, that was really an excellent "attempt to keep it real".
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    What things would you like to dowse?

    Hmmn, that's an idea. Indoor/outdoor sorts of things as well perhaps. Such info is not always available, or singular, or obvious, but sometimes it is.
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    What things would you like to dowse?

    I am doing a really massive review, discard and upgrade of both TKR and the Dojo Psi's target/task collections. I'm adding a lot more metadata to each, for viewing, administration, and dowsing. The dowsing categories that already existed were: Temporal (date/time) Locational (place) each of...
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    Er... no worries. Not mad. :-)
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    Is it possible to astral project into the future? If so, how? Would it be considered a form of ARV?

    Astral projection (or out of body experiences aka OBE) is awesome, but even in the most ordinary of circumstances -- the here and now of the room your body is in -- the state of mind and perception is pretty offbeat. I'd think that perceptual state would just add a ton of noise and...
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    Question about ARV interference

    This is one of those things... viewing is all about intent, but that includes attention and expectation bound with it. It becomes one of those things where everything can affect a view, but nothing has to affect it. So it really comes down to the viewer in the end, whether any detail 'prevents'...
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    Specifically where and when will you be providing feedback? :-) Viewers usually need to feel fairly sure of their tasker and feedback before bothering with tasks from strangers. (Some do! But it helps to be clear in advance.)
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    Q: Targets we post on TKR

    I just put TANDEM into beta-test in the dojo, and once it's clear, I will clone it for a SOLO version. I took the window gallery out of the dojo eons ago but would like to put it back. Before I can do this, I'm resurrecting pieces of Taskerbot, an old project that was all about tasking...
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    Can a remote viewer accurately view something in the past?

    Technically you can view anything, anywhere, anywhen. Whether the viewer gets the timing element as data is up in the air, though.