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    interesting article from american society for psychiclal research

    article about experimenter influence (and others present) in psi experiments can be found in entirety from the journal here basic summary from the abstract "It is concluded that in psi research it may not be possible to differentiate between the experimenter and...
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    guy who does math by seeing shapes

    ok I just continued watching the video and hes playing blackjack and decides to scrap his old plan and go off of intuition by the shapes hes seeing. he gets two 7's, splits them, draws another 7, splits it again, and then draws 21 on all three hands. was he seeing patterns or remote viewing or...
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    guy who does math by seeing shapes This guy does massive calculations by seeing shapes in his head and he just kind of knows what they mean as numbers. kind of similar to getting and signal and knowing what something is.
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    esp trainer- russell targ

    found this interesting app on Russell targs website called "esp trainer". I think you can only download onto a mobile device from app store etc. basically it gives you a round of 24 questions with 4 possible answers shown as different colored squares that you click on. the...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    secret hand signals and secret handshakes, yet I feel so empty inside because I have no idea. I feel so empty because im lost, and ive found a father, but im so empty and I don't know why? im so empty because ive found nothing and ill never know why, because it wasn't my journey, but someone...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    so I called a local psychic to see if she could help, and she wouldn't even take my money. she said i'm probably at a crossroads and it was something I would need to deal with myself. I guess there is a reason most people didn't want to touch my post with a 10ft pole and like the previous poster...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    Just watched the micheal Jackson video. It funny you say the solution is within myself because that is what I've been working on lately. Forgive me for being paranoid, but its hard not to be with everything going on. Its funny you say the answer to this suffering is within myself because I had...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    Also, what do you mean by bait and trap? Is whatever is attacking me not working or are you saying I'm out to get you or something?
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    I need some help about an experience please

    Thanks for the reference to the book, I already ordered it from amazon. Also the other night I was lying in bed and I felt like messages were popping into my head from a psychic channel. Every time I got a message I got a pressure in my head and it kinda felt like my soul was being ripped from...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    There's also, of course, a Squirrel Anti-Defamation League, and an unrelated organization called Squirrel Lovers for Freedom, which wages a war of words against the Pennsylvania Game Commission and their "terrorist acts" (including the alleged kitten-napping of "two orphaned squirrels, one of...
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    I need some help about an experience please

    Please don't reply to this post with your views on religion because I desperately need some insight and don't want it to get deleted. If you have something religious to say you can send me a private message. If the moderator gets this message and decides to delete, can you please make sure the...
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    Afterlife remote viewing

    What did Casey find in his research?
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    Can someone RI me to help me with something?

    I'm wondering if anyone experienced with RI would b willing to give it a try on me. Im not experienced enough yet to try it on myself because im still pretty terrible at RV. How do I go about setting up the intention? Should I just say what I would like influenced or just give a coordinate...