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    Source and origin

    I think some people put a lot of emphasis on playing mental gymnastics to aim for an ultra precise task, under the idea that the subconscious can’t know the intention unless you get the best English word in the task. So for example, some would say if you task the source of that sound you might...
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    Roundup of methods to remote view numbers

    I always found this claim interesting, producing a 15 digit number accurately. Would be quite a potent tool if it could be reproduced.
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    Source and origin

    Is there a difference between source and origin? I recall someone making a distinction in tasking between these two terms.
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    Update of 120+ (RV web links)

    Jon, curious if your APP talk will be part of the online sessions, given that there seem to be some restrictions of the estate regarding Ingo's archives. Do you know how this will be handled?
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    My book Remote Viewing from the Ground Up is now available

    Maybe I'll buy yours and try to remote view hers :)
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    My book Remote Viewing from the Ground Up is now available

    I will check it out. What book did Pru write?
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    Lori Williams' RV Summaries

    As entertainment I really enjoyed it, like most things on C2C. Taking it seriously though, it's a bit discouraging.
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    can you view targets that you devised yourself?

    Make a target pool with enough targets that you won't start guessing. You can add in some random targets, like "National Geographic picture of the day" or "front page of the New York Times tomorrow morning" or "happiest person walking down the street in Los Angelos at the present time" and so...
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    please explain the alphabet soup of RV protocols

    None are better. That's not the right way to think of them. They are all just rules for how to collect data in an organized way. Pretend you are taking an art class, completely unrelated to RV. Your homework is to go to a building where you live and describe it, but the art teacher gives you...
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    CIA data dump on project Star Gate

    Do you have more info on drugs, mechanical apparatus, and implants? Is this known for a while now, or in the new CIA data?
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    What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?

    I usually fall asleep meditating, so I find the guided meditations helpful, to keep me awake :o
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    What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?

    I like this track before or during: Also a hemisync playlist, better as a cool down I think.
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    Image bandwidth

    I recall someone (Ed May?) doing research that suggested images were better or worse for ARV based on their "bandwidth". I assume this is a measure of how "busy" the image is, like one of these images is simple and one has a lot going on. Does anyone have info on this? Was the conclusion that...
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    Do you guys want anothr target

    I'm up for it.
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    Personally I feel like the quick sessions like he does (about 3 minutes) are not very accurate for me. But I haven't been practicing for over a decade like he claims to have done :)