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    The Radio Secrets Of DNA

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    Why I now believe parapsychology is a science not a pseudoscience
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    How the Skeptics Lost Their Minds Over a Precognition Experiment
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    Changing something in the past and will it affect the future or not?

    What age did you start going back to your "little me"?
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    California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom

    I have used it to some effect in the past. When I was switching from well water to municipal water a fellow from the water department came around to do an initial assessment. Locates hadn't been done so he grabbed a couple of rods and dowsed where he thought the line would just to get an idea...
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    California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom
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    Meditation and binaural stuff

    "His calculations are more complex, than mine." I have a couple couple of his books and that is probably an understatement.:)
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    When you are totally wrong, what is the probable cause?

    Maybe some more feedback from Ganymede soon.
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    Telepathy How LSD, mescaline and other hallucinogens enhance your psychic powers

    I was just listening to Tim Ferris interviewing Jordan Peterson and Peterson dropped a Jung quote while discussing psychedelics. Jung said "Beware of unearned wisdom".
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    NSA and DIA Concerns About Telepathic Hypnosis: Top Secret
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    Cannabis and Rv

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the early warnings against cannabis and RV were partially to distance RV from a sort of hippy, new agey association that would damage the scientific credibility they were trying to generate. Although I can see how it would be easy to lose focus as well.
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    The Guy Predicting Stocks With An Army of App-Based Psychics

    I just skimmed this as I'm too busy to read it right now but it looks neat.
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    Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding

    You might like a book called "Busting Loose From the Money Game". It can be found as a PDF. It is about "subjective reality". There was a video that did a good job of describing subjective reality with animations but I can't find it and that would have been over a decade ago.
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    Telepathy How LSD, mescaline and other hallucinogens enhance your psychic powers

    I think you are correct. I kind of respect things like ayahuasca, where there is an intense price to pay (vomiting and the like) for the insight you get. Just so it isn't some trippy, feel good short cut to enlightenment. Even Stanislov Grof's Holotropic Breathing came with the price of...