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    What is this?

    Remote viewing and other psychic activity.
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    Unexplained Phenomena Keep Suggesting the Universe Isn’t What We Thought

    I'm not actually sure this IS off topic but I didn't really know where else to put it. "Stronger measurements came from the direction facing toward the Milky Way’s galactic...
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    I just assumed busting and manipulation were the same. Maybe I jumped to an incorrect assumption. Although I would think they would both operate on the same principle.
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    There are posts on TKR about it.
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    "Cloud manipulation is one characteristic we all experience when you have the RV utility " This has come up over the years a couple of times on this forum. It does seem to work.
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    If I recall correctly, Robert Monroe used to run into a vortex at times. He said (if I recall correctly) to direct your attention to about 6 feet out from head and up about 30 degrees. If I find the time I will try to find the exact quote.
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    2050 :What will it be like /Stephan Schwartz

    Wow, this is an old thread. I'm getting ready for Joe McMoneagle's prediction of a huge stock market increase in 2020. It could very well happen after the current cratering of the market.
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    New to remote viewing

    I often have a difficult time RVing people. I think it is because I have an innate respect for peoples' privacy.
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    Science shows your mind can move things … but how?
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    Can anyone guide me on this please ?

    Not really like you. I occasionally get a 3rd eye chakra buzzing or top of the head buzzing but no tinnitus type sounds. I occasionally get synchronicities and when I first started I would often catch things out of the corner of my eye that felt weird. That has mostly gone away. I don't RV...
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    Can anyone guide me on this please ?

    You can probably find it in PDF form. Full text
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    Can anyone guide me on this please ?

    It doesn't sound crazy at all to me. It wouldn't surprise me if people who are "sensitive" ,so to speak, and have a rough upbringing would indulge in drugs and alcohol to try numb it. As to the sound, I don't know. You might try reading some Ingo Swann, especially Psychic Sexuality. In it...
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    enrich the dream state?
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    You are not the judge either. And Christianity does not just rely on Holy Books and faith, there is a long history of logical philosophical demonstrations that support it. There are countless volumes written on the rational, logical explanations of the philosophy of ethical monotheism. The...