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    ARV Football (Soccer) Correct Score method

    One thing many ARV people ran/run into is initial success followed by a run of failures. That is to say the first few predictions will be successful then there will be several failures. This was often blamed on the ARV being "interesting" to the unconscious mind at first and then becoming...
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    Extra practice in bed?

    It may help. I read that Joe McMoneagle does something similar. Working targets while cutting grass etc.. There is something to be said for using the process though.
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    Should I skip my list?

    Perfectly acceptable. I know the descriptor list you are referring to and it is just reference guide to get you started, like training wheels on a bike. Eventually, you do away with it. So if you feel comfortable without it, go for it.
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    Is this RV course any good?

    That is how I learned. I thought they were well done. The thing is, there are many more books and courses online now that could probably do the job for free. I had read a lot of books on the subject but could never quite figure out what to do and always felt a little lost. Watching the...
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    I thought I read somewhere that a lot of it migrated to Facebook. I'm not on Facebook so I don't really know.
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    psychiatrist believed in precognition

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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    Yeah that happens to me all the time. I think a ton of quality practice would help but I just haven't had the time lately it seems. It sounds like you are on the right track.
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    RV...never get anything correct :(

    I really found watching videos of RV were helpful in learning. Actually seeing what someone was doing helped me to follow along. Just reading it in a book or on a website didn't cut it. I needed to see it in action.
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    Hal Putoff Propulsion based on vacuum engineering

    A FOIA request brought out a list of classified projects pursued by the Pentagon and I noticed Hal Putoff's name on one...
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    Try this?

    That's pretty neat. I've never heard of doing that. Maybe I will give it a shot if I ever get some extra time.
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    Try this?

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean. Perhaps I don't understand what you mean by "Time Line". Wouldn't many time lines be soft, wet and cold? Or are you asking if rather than cueing a target you add another layer and cue the time line in which the target you view appears and get...
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    Why not?

    I think the number of RVers who could accurately read locked away pages is pretty small. I may be wrong about that. I don't think numbers would be any different from words in that case. As this is posted under "Associative Remote Viewing" I'm assuming you are inquiring about using it to...
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    Edwin May article claims best RVers synesthetes

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    Dick Allgire mentions PJ and Firedocs

    Thanks for posting that. That was an excellent video. Does anyone have any information on the "edging" technique he was referring to? I would love to try it. Some cursory searches haven't turned up anything. The eyelid pressure was descriptive enough, but the breathing technique was left out.
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    Mandela Effect

    I have seen people speculate that MWI is why the Mandela Effect occurs.