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    Remote Viewing UFOS and the Visitors - New book

    The guys at mysterious universe did a feature on the book with their usual skeptical but open attitude towards rv. They discuss two cases from the book. You'll need to fast forward to 53mins. T
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    Remote Viewing UFOS and the Visitors - New book

    Thanks Don for the kind words. Yep we only have one Joe but I've been assured there are other equally good viewers out there so hopefully we might get more people using RV to tackle these mysteries more often. I agree in hindsight I wish I had picked other targets but I really wanted a nice...
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    Remote Viewing UFOS and the Visitors - New book

    Thanks for the kind words Jon Glad you enjoyed it :D T
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    Joe McMoneagle on Coast to Coast tonight

    Thanks for the links...I thought the comments Joe made about the philadelphia experiment were very revealing. How the heck did a botched up microwave experiment end up as a SciFi story involving time travelling war ships? I have to hand it too the US intelligence service they know how to keep...
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    Remote Viewing UFOS and the Visitors - New book

    Remote Viewing UFOS and the VISITORS Where do they come from? What are they? Who are they? Why are they here? by Tunde Atunrase Foreword by Paul H. Smith Ph.D "I admire the lengths and considerable expense gone to in developing the content of this book. Without the author's determination...
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    Eight martinis Issue 12 out now!

    Thanks for the comments Don. Hope you will enjoy the book when it comes out. Tunde
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    `Somebody Else Is On The Moon`

    Hi Jon The Rutledge stuff looks beyond fake. Which IMO devalues the rest of the documentary. The images of the structures though I find highly unusual not because of what they may be but why they are so blurry in the first place. Obviously they have better quality images than the crap we see...
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    `Somebody Else Is On The Moon`

    UFO DOCUMENTARY :Aliens exist on the moon 2015 : 8)
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    Remote viewing the 911 attacks project

    Amen and good points all round. It is important to be able to voice ones opinions or concerns without being seen to be attacking or ripping someone apart. Healthy debate is encouraged and advice offered freely. The alternative is those with knowledge to share simple won't bother to debate if...
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    National Geo - Psychic Gold Hunt - Remote Viewing

    A few of the old school viewers will probably remember John Vivanco who worked with Pru Calabrese at TDS. Here he is trying to find Gold in this Nat Geo documentary. The full 45 min video is available for US viewers only on YouTube...
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    Anomalies - Sandra Hilleard

    I read this in one go and that's saying a lot as I'm a terribly slow reader who gets bored pretty easily but this one had me hooked all the way through. Couldn't put it down even for a second. 8) Enjoy T
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    Remote Viewing Dialogues - new book

    Brilliant collection of forum threads and tons of info. Great stuff
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    Estimated Shipping Date on Ed May's new book!

    Lol I know I only just found out about ESP wars too after I bought Mays book. One book I am enjoying is Daz's Remote Viewing Dialogues. Definitely a must for any serious student of RV
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    Just ordered mine 8) T
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    Strange Newspaper cover art depicting UFO armada in 1910

    Nope, I have no idea what the article was about but I understand it was more to do with religion than UFO's if anyone else has further information I would love to hear it.