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    U.S. Still Funding Remote Viewing Projects?

    According to this latest article,, in the American Chronicle, the NSA is using Remote Viewing for intelligence gathering.
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    A Navy SEAL officer's report on RV

    Have any of you read this paper produced by a Navy SEAL officer for the Marine Corps War College? It's an interesting paper that goes over some of the history of RV that I hadn't seen/read anywhere else. The real interesting part is his...
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    Asking for a favor (RI)

    There is someone who I care deeply about who has a benign ovarian tumor. She has already had one surgery but still needs more. I assume she has only one of her ovaries affected but not positive (maybe I need to ask her about this). With more surgeries her ovary is going to be like swiss cheese...
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    How many police organizations are using RV?

    I was just browsing through news article and found this one: It's a weird story about a deputy who took in some young man to live in his house and the deputy left a gun out and the young man used it to shoot a convenient store clerk. The...
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    Confidence Building

    Every time I try to give pendulum dowsing a chance after not practicing for an extended period of time I get excellent results. After I get these great results I keep going and my accuracy starts dropping back down to chance and I give up for awhile until I go through this whole cycle again. I'm...
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    Ed Dames at scio.geo.earthquakes

    Somone posted a link to coast-to-coast about Ed Dames prediciton of a 9.0+ earthquake for this month over at Google Groups sci.geo.earthquakes Hopefully the link works...