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    This has happened to me countless times, You see a person on a social networking site or think of a person you havent seen for ages and then suddenly within 1 day,1 week to 6 months later that person appears. It feels freaky. Would this be precognition or remote infleuncing. Has this...
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    Remote viewing sessions by ingo swann

    Does anybody have any sessions that he did. Much appreciated. Just trying to learn the level of information which is obtainable in a session.
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    Respect for RV and Cultism

    This got me wondering, If he can critique people of how or how not to do a session, then how come there are absolutely none of his sessions on his website and every time I post a question to see his sessions, he deletes them. I submitted a poll of whether you want to see his session and he...
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    Simple pictures

    Hi guys, Do you guys think anyone could set up a simple blind pool of objects which are really simple in nature. e.g such as a ruler, glasses,a big tree, tunnel,apple,volcano I really don't want too much in the picture besides the obvious target.I think this would improve my accuracy. i...
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    remote viewing sports matches

    Hi I would quite like to make money remote viewing. Associative remote viewing seems to have glitches. Is anybody willing to do it in the straightforward rv mode. I will task and do analysis if you like.
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    dowsing a roulette table and lotto

    Hi, My method is very simple and initially i had some great success. However my accuracy has plummeted and i can't explain why although i think it is because i started to get worried about my accuracy. Very simply i would run my hands over the numbers in a constant line and wait for a dip in...
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    roulette table

    I am sure you can remote this, however i can't make it completely accurate. Any help what i do is i say next spin and whatever i focus on 1st i bet on. i mean hypothetically. And usually it is right. or next winning number and i have got it a few times, but i can't pin it down. Anyone have...
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    Can you actually make money with Rv

    I have started learning some Rv and have pretty decent results but not amazing. I get the jist of the images but not in depth details. However I am intrigued if one can actually gamble with this. Does it work. I have searched high and low on the internet to see other Rvers results and have...