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    Belief is reality. Then so is RI Dowsing RV and stuff you never heard of.

    I would be very careful of what you say as fact and belief. Its a very fine line. One can observe a fact and then invent a whole list of beliefs to coincide with your fact.(my belief that is what religions do (again not a fact)). If you do this you go down the looney bin. However you can have...
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    This has happened to me countless times, You see a person on a social networking site or think of a person you havent seen for ages and then suddenly within 1 day,1 week to 6 months later that person appears. It feels freaky. Would this be precognition or remote infleuncing. Has this...
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    I have a question, When I go into deep meditation I can see the room clearly even though my eyes are closed. At first i thought my eyes were open but they definately were not. It feels very strange, Ive done it many times. Other people seem to have done it as well. However I have never had an...
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    Remote viewing sessions by ingo swann

    Does anybody have any sessions that he did. Much appreciated. Just trying to learn the level of information which is obtainable in a session.
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    Joe Mcmoneagle missing person videos?

    I swear to you he is using a different technique because of the relative neatness of his sessions and the fact he can get so much detail. Why doesnt he teach. Apparently he did a conference on how to do remote viewing at the rhine institute and they recorded it. If anybody has that would help.
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    RV and the Nature/Nurture debate

    Do you not think a better way of measuring someones psi ability is to measure one perceptive ratio. i.e how successful is someone in general (not grades) Can the person achieve things without relying on other people Do they get hunches when most people do not Are they more creative than other...
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    Joe Mcmoneagle missing person videos?

    I think Mcmoneagle sees it for sure and then the senses come.
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    Joe Mcmoneagle missing person videos?

    Well i can go one better, here are the mcmoneagle videos. If somebody could translate japanese it would be even better.
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    Respect for RV and Cultism

    Re: Major Dames has No respect and has formed a cult I am just really annoyed he gives off this mystique that you can't do it because your not a profficient remote viewer whereas he is. Its like realising Santa clause doesnt exist. It doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things but you know...
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    Respect for RV and Cultism

    Re: Major Dames has No respect and has formed a cult An edited session is not quite the same. I would like to see the process involved not just the result, how he filters out information. With mcmoneagle sessions he does it differently to crv structure. Does he form a picture from the...
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    Joe Mcmoneagle missing person videos?

    Please could you forward a link or pm me, I am interested in donahue videos. I will try looking for mcmoneagle videos.
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    Respect for RV and Cultism

    Re: Major Dames has No respect and has formed a cult I understand what you are saying Marv, But the problem with his philosophy and that of Psi-Tech They are promising with lots of practice you too can be an expert remote viewer. Sort of like tell someone what they want to hear irrespective of...
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    Respect for RV and Cultism

    This got me wondering, If he can critique people of how or how not to do a session, then how come there are absolutely none of his sessions on his website and every time I post a question to see his sessions, he deletes them. I submitted a poll of whether you want to see his session and he...
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    Simple pictures

    Hi guys, Do you guys think anyone could set up a simple blind pool of objects which are really simple in nature. e.g such as a ruler, glasses,a big tree, tunnel,apple,volcano I really don't want too much in the picture besides the obvious target.I think this would improve my accuracy. i...
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    remote viewing sports matches

    Hi I would quite like to make money remote viewing. Associative remote viewing seems to have glitches. Is anybody willing to do it in the straightforward rv mode. I will task and do analysis if you like.
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    dowsing a roulette table and lotto

    I get the impression though that once your conciousness is in a dream like scenario, your mind is out of the way so your body moves for you which is what you want. Also your hand has to be be very loose and really pointing your fingers. I hope I am right.
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    dowsing a roulette table and lotto

    Just had a break through with dowsing. want to right it down so i don't forget basically. Basically i was a dowsing a roulette table and got the right number 3 times in a row. What i did. This time was i focus on the table and asked the question next spin winning number. And left my hand...
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    dowsing a roulette table and lotto

    Hi, My method is very simple and initially i had some great success. However my accuracy has plummeted and i can't explain why although i think it is because i started to get worried about my accuracy. Very simply i would run my hands over the numbers in a constant line and wait for a dip in...
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    roulette table

    I am sure you can remote this, however i can't make it completely accurate. Any help what i do is i say next spin and whatever i focus on 1st i bet on. i mean hypothetically. And usually it is right. or next winning number and i have got it a few times, but i can't pin it down. Anyone have...
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    Can you actually make money with Rv

    Thanks guys for getting back to me I am really pleased, Ive been getting better at rv and nailed one recently and was ecstatic. It is a joy. I don't know about you guys but i seem to get a buzz at the back of my head when i do the ideogram. Sort of like a connection You know you guys are so...