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    No method RV

    I have tried many RV methods (CRV,TRV) with some result, but it seems like i do my best when I just get my task number, close my eyes and write down my perceptions. I have had many good viewings (I go by Crozier in the Dojo). It seems Im either right on or totally bomb. No in-between. Is there...
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    new Morehouse book

    In his older audio course he called the signal line "4 dimensional waveform data". 3 dimensions of space and one of time. He just updated it to 8 dimensional waveform data in his book. Im not sure what they are, but i bet its due to recent findings in quantam physics that show that more...
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    new Morehouse book

    The chapters on stage 1-3 are basically the same as the course. some different sample sessions. I really bought it for the 4-6 stages. Also nice its all in one compact hardcover.before you buy the $250 course, buy the $20 book and you will know if its for you.
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    new Morehouse book

    David Morehouse has a new instructional book out on his CRV method if anyone is interested in his teachings. I really like it. It covers Stages 1-6. His home study course only covered stages 1-3. Its only $20 at Amazon for hardcover and cool down CD.
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    Why S2 before S3?

    I believe there a a couple of reasons. First CRV is a ritualistic system in that your only concern is following the protocol (in methods). The reasoning in that you will learn to follow the protocol without having to think what to do next. Also, S2 is general descriptors that you really want to...
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    Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that well..

    Re: Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that wel There is so much badmouthing and backstabbing in the "professional" RV field, im surprized the IRVA can even meet without breaking out into a big brawl. I understand every teacher wants to promote thier own product, but its like a political...
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    RV accuracy claims

    I have always had very mixed results with my RV. Some of this is due to changing "methods", until I found one that fit my style. Trying to unlearn one and move to the next. Although i think i learned something from each of them. I always read about Dames claims of 80% accuracy with his course...
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    Stage 6

    I was wanting to have some help with stage 6 of the CRV protocol. I understand you have 2 sheets of paper. One with Stage 4 headings and one for drawing. What exactly do you do with this? Probe the drawing area first? Then write down stage 4 impressions? or do you get stage 4 data first, then...
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    Pendulum dowsing

    I have no problems in getting a response from my pendulum. When I ask a "yes/no" question that I am greatly interested in the answer, though, I always get the response I really wanted, even if it is wrong. I know detachment is important, so i was wondering if anyone has tried this. I was...
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    Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that well..

    Re: Why the "LearnRV" system doesn't work that wel If you notice the threads are instantly locked when someone posts anything that imposes on the Dames method.
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    Setting the Stage For Disaster! :) ED on Ideograms

    Re: Setting the Stage For Disaster! :) ED on Ideog I have taken Psi Techs course and it did a really good job of decoding ideograms. The basic course goes to stage 4, with S3 being a basic sketch. (Dames uses an analytical sketch). Psi Tech uses the analytical sketch/site template in its...
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    Setting the Stage For Disaster! :) ED on Ideograms

    Re: Setting the Stage For Disaster! :) ED on Ideog I started out with Ed Dames method, and wish I had never looked at it. I am now trying to unlearn everything I had studied. I recently purchased David Morehouses Package and (in my opinion) one of the best home study instructional courses...
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    combining methods

    Actually I have taken the PSI Tech course, and it did explain decoding the ideogram in pretty good detail. But, dude, Joni is boring. I feel asleep trying to take notes. I have taken almost all the home study courses out there and thats the reason I picked the 2 to combine that I did. These are...
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    combining methods

    daz, what is the name of that book by R.W.? Id like to try and find it. Thanks
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    combining methods

    OK, tell me what you guys think. I really like Dames "Site Template" way he teaches. I have changed my mind about ideograms and think they are very important. since he doesnt teach them in his course, I need to learn this part somewhere else.....How about Dave Morehouse! I just ordered his...
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    Dowsing accuracy

    I have started doing some dowsing practice with pendulum and L-rods. I have no problem getting a reaction such as yes, no, which direction, etc...The problem is my accuracy sucks. Does anyone know if dowsing requires the same practice as RV to develop accuracy? My RV is somewhat accurate most of...
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    Monroe Gateway Cds

    I just purchased the whole set of Monroe Institue Gateway Program Cds. Has anyone tried these? I practice a structured Rv methodology, not a "meditative" style. Would these tapes help for a structured program? I hope so, they were EXPENSIVE!
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    Target perception

    No, Im am not the Rver formerly known as Freevent. If I were I would change my name to a symbol like Prince did. LOL. Thanks for the replys. It clarified alot.
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    Target perception

    I RVed a blind target today and hit it perfect (a large river in russia). I know it is common to pick up things that are not in the actual photograph, but are present at the location (I picked up rafters which were not present in the photo--I looked up the river on the internet and they do have...
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    What does RV look like to you?

    My data always comes in words or ideas. I never have visuals, unless its AOL. Though sometimes the AOL is accurate, but usually not