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    IRVA call for papers for next years conference at Omegga
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    Remote Viewing Class Starts this week.

    Hi All, just saw this area. Thought I'd post:
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    Parapsychologists Seeking subjects in Bay Area for New Psi Study

    Parapsychologists (Randy Fauver, Ph.D. and Robert Knowles, PhD) are seeking subjects living in the San Francisco Bay area for research study funded under the Bial Foundation. If you are intuitive, a remote viewer, psychic, of any level of experience or training (include absolutely none but you...
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    Howdy Remote Viewers, I have created an online confidential survey. Please only take if you have done remote viewing sessions before. It focuses on questions regarding training and performance. This will be used for research purposes. Thank you in advance for your time, it should only take a few...
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    Lori Williams Comes to Venice, CA in January to teach 4 CRV classes and Med Apps

    Medical Applications, Jan 13-15 Basic CRV, January 17 - 19 Intermediate CRV, January 23 -25 Advanced CRV, January 26 - 28 Hey Everyone, hope no one minds I'm posting this here. Just putting out the word as Lori doesn't get to the West Coast very often and those students who have been waiting to...
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    Mentoring - Target 3- due 18.9.2012 - give it a go!

    Thanks Daz, this was a great target/practice op and so fun to see how well everyone did and what they came up with. Does anyone know if there are plans to take down the statue next year? I know that sounds funny but I got the words, "people who could tear down" and then "till next year", and...
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    1ARV : What does a "Pass" really mean?

    Re: 1ARV : What does a "Pass" really mean? _ MUST LOOK AT ALL FACTORS Many people overlook the numerous factors involved in a new GROUP of JUDGES assessing the sessions of a new GROUP of VIEWERS. We are hoping to evaluate an entire ARV series or two in a future research project that would look...