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    Separating signal from noise

    I've been trying to crack this since I started learning remote viewing four years ago and I don't feel I'm any closer to getting the answer. I watch the sessions published by Daz Smith and Dick Allgire and I'm absolutely amazed by their ability to stay on target and elaborate further and further...
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    I would like to organize an RV "mission"

    I have a target. The less I talk about this target the better of course. Would people be interested in participating? How do we do this?
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    Binaural for RV

    So I've recently learned that some people like to use binaural tones to enhance their sessions. Dick Allgire for example is seen with earbuds in his videos published by Farsight Press. I'd like to try it. I can generate my own, but I don't know what frequency I should use. Should I use pure...
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    Risk intuit

    What is "Risk intuit" and how do I get in? I've seen it there for ages and I'm super curious. What is it about? Also I'm sorry if this thread should be in a different subforum.
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    Picking up on the wrong targets

    Today I came back after a long time away and decided to do a practice session: You will notice I mention the Arizona desert, and I typed the phrase "A tree or a pole. A shadow on the ground that looks like a pond." A few minutes...
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    Implementing self-tasking software

    This is not a very usual topic, so excuses upfront if this is not the board to post it in. I've been using TKR for some time now and I'm thinking of implementing self-tasking software for my personal use, experimenting, and such. I've hit kind of a dilemma regarding randomisation. What kind of...
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    Films depicting RV

    I've done a cursory search in the forums and I haven't found a thread about this. What movies do you know that depict RV (hopefully in a semi-realistic manner)? I've found that they usually surround RV in mysticism and fear (The Gift) or humour (The Men Who Stare at Goats). What other stuff is...
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    Workarounds for self-tasking

    I recently watched or listened to a show (forgot exactly where) where Joe McMoneagle explained a method he used to get the ball rolling on one of his books: he would stuff targets in the form of task instructions or questions in sealed envelopes, and regularly do a session in which he would do...