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    Seeking structured PK practice

    Structured PK practice: there's a good program for that from Joe Gallenberger.
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    Broken Link "RV Self-Training"

    The article is a good one for anyone to read. But you were right slorri, that it was set up as if only for staff. I just changed it so that members can get to it. I think the intention was to have a section where only staff posts articles but anyone can read them. The permissions however are not...
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    CHEATING METHOD for ARV to make profit

    Do you sometimes know or intuit that something is not right without being able to state what the truth is? Is it necessary to have an alternate explanation before you can doubt the commonly held belief? My intuition says there is something wrong with the belief that ARV is viewing the feedback...
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    Nutritional Supplementation

    I think I was having a Monty Python flashback. :P
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    Nutritional Supplementation

    I just removed some spam from this topic. To do so I had to remove the comments that followed the spam. Most of those were comments about the spam. It is best not to respond to spam. Wait for some one on staff to remove it, then the thread is back to normal and has not been ruined by the spam. Dan
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    share sessions - top level on tkr?

    I am concerned about the possibility of increasing PJ's costs for hosting if we increase storage space requirements on the forum host. A way to do this where each person covers their own storage costs is to upload your sessions to a file storage service and then include a link to it in your...
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    share sessions - top level on tkr?

    That could probably be done if by "top level" you mean a new heading on the home page along with - Remote Viewing: Hands-On, Theory, and Experiential - TKR at the Dojo Psi: Viewer Studios and RV Galleries - Psi/RV General, Media, Research, Miscellany - Help + New-to-RV Questions You can add...
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    Problem with activation

    What user name are you trying to register?
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    Problem with activation

    What is the username you chose when you registered?
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    when i log out I see TKR working fine - when I log-in...

    I have restored some missing files. I believe the TKR Blue theme should be working again.