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    Source and origin

    Is there a difference between source and origin? I recall someone making a distinction in tasking between these two terms.
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    Image bandwidth

    I recall someone (Ed May?) doing research that suggested images were better or worse for ARV based on their "bandwidth". I assume this is a measure of how "busy" the image is, like one of these images is simple and one has a lot going on. Does anyone have info on this? Was the conclusion that...
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    ARV without viewing feedback?

    I have seen some ARV examples recently where it seems the viewer is doing the RV session and seeing which photo site matches their result most closely, but they are doing it solo ahead of time, and I don't get the impression they are viewing the feedback after the event. One example is from...
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    This was posted on the Facebook group a while back. Standard ARV stuff, but the viewer, Lincoln Lounsbury, also entered a contest at a Vegas casino, so his results will be publicly documented. It's $1500 to play, so this is a fairly serious contest to sports bettors. Currently Lincoln is in 5th...
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    Do multiple trials increase accuracy?

    Have there been experiments, or statistics from anyone doing ARV over a long period, that show that more trials lead to better accuracy? For instance, if you do 3 ARV sessions for the same event, does taking the best 2 out of 3 yield better accuracy than a single session?
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    witness, mapping, timeline, decision nexus

    In this discussion: This is mentioned, "witness, mapping, timeline, or decision nexus" What are these?
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    Fictional characters

    What's your experience with fictional characters? If you view them, are they alive?
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    Perceptions from meditation

    Do people typically get perceptions from meditation alone? For instance, I'm thinking about if you were meditating on a particular topic, and then received some idea that doesn't seem to be from yourself. I assume it happens from time to time, but are there regular practices where this is used...
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    RV on tablets

    Lori Williams mentioned she did some RV sessions on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and it worked well. The Apple Pencil is rumored to be available for the iPhone 7. Do you think doing RV work on a tablet is reasonable, or does it create too much distraction or noise? If you're okay with it...
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    Probing for more info during a session

    I'm curious how this happens for most of you in CRV. I feel like when I do a CRV session, I'm just writing a bunch of random disconnected stuff. In other methodologies they specifically identify some things to latch onto and probe deeper. For instance in TRV you define X as the most important...
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    Meditation's effects from across the globe

    This is an interesting video where Dean Radin talks about their experiment using people meditating on a double slit experiment. A double slit experiment is spooky by itself in that electrons or photons seem to know when they are being watched. In their experiment, people from across the globe...
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    Aaron Donahue and numbers

    What's the story with this guy? I just listened to his appearance on Coast to Coast from years ago. Quite an entertaining fellow, making some bold claims about remote viewing numbers and dates. Supposedly he was using some formula from a book by Alestair Crowley that allowed him to RV numbers...
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    Keeping the conscious mind out of it

    The goal of RV and psi-related endeavors in general have a goal of keeping the conscious mind out of the process. So we do meditation and whatever else to try and accomplish this. But there have to be ways of accomplishing this, getting into the desired state, in less time. What about...
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    Blocking Ingo Swann with magnets

    In this talk by Todd Murphy, he discussed the experiments Ingo Swann did with Dr. Michael Persinger. Supposedly Dr. Persinger was able to use magnetic fields to enhance Ingo's ability to RV, as well as to prohibit his ability. Has anyone heard this story before, and are there more details? It...
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    Most needed RV research

    What research projects or experiments do you feel are the most needed in RV at this time? Or if not specific experiments, what questions should we be trying to develop experiments to answer?
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    Fear of RV

    In this thread, I want to know what you think, and how you respond to people who have a fear of RV. I'm not looking to put anyone down who has that fear. Rather I'm looking at how you try to ease the concerns of a friend or family member. Some people, especially the religiously inclined folks...
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    What do you think about certain RV rules?

    What do you think about certain rules in different forms of RV, like that all TRNs should be unique or the subconscious will get confused about which one is the current target? Or that the tasking should be written on something tangible and semi-permanent, like a 3x5 note card, but not on...
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    Can RV select the best chess move?

    Would it be possible to use RV to select the optimal move in a game of chess? If so how would you go about using RV to arrive at the best move? It is not quite like trying to RV numbers or letters, but in the end it is similar in that you need a specific and precise answer. If this would be...
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    Repeating ideogram

    Some have said that if an ideogram repeats twice in a row, it means the ideogram was decided incorrectly. Is this the case for all of you? I was doing a session today and had about 2 pages of the same ideogram repeating. I'm not sure if it means I'm deciding it incorrectly, or if my...
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    The sense of being watched

    Rupert Sheldrake was interviewed on Joe Rogan's podcast a while back. Rupert talked about the sense of being stared at, and how people are able to detect when they are being stared at about 55-60% of the time, which he says has been repeated hundreds of thousands of times to reach a very...