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    The Guy Predicting Stocks With An Army of App-Based Psychics

    He said his intent is to start a remote viewing gig economy. I thought of creating a cryptocurrency based on ARV, which would allow people to create ARV tasks by using the currency and allow viewers and judges to earn the currency by completing tasks. The currency would also create random tasks...
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    ARV Studio Lite free version

    I tried the Lite and liked it enough to buy the real version. I was worried with Self-Judging because it seems like I’m getting the feedback before the actual event. It is working because the targets appear different enough. I only had one session where my information matched both photos; the...
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    New to remote viewing

    50% accurate is really good. Lyn Buchanan said during his military days, they had an average of 82.7%. He also said that Joe McMoneagle is only on target 50% of the time. But, of course, when Joe McMoneagle is on target, he describes the target with a surprising amount of detail.
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    From Christianity to Sanskrit Vedas we have been told, "In the beginning was the Word," which was the vibration from which all things came. This vibration had a geometric form, which generates unique vortex energy. This Vortex energy is part of a two-way communication system within the universal...
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    Some current (now identified) UFO info for my friends at TKR

    2020-03-05 Application status is Abandoned
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    What are RV methods (no, really, what)?

    My personal belief is that people who are trying to sell something are going to promote their method or technique above all others. I also think whatever method or technique gives you results, that would be your best method or technique. We see many methods and techniques in the TKR Dojo...
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    Ed Dames to speak at IRVA conference

    PJ, you have enough material from the last 12 years to put into a book and have it published. You're a stickler on protocol and seem to understand that if we get beyond the politics, the RV field can progress further. I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work and effort. I wish...
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    Ed Dames to speak at IRVA conference

    I see Glenn Wheaton on the list of speakers on the IRVA site, but still don't see any mention of Ed Dames. Lyn Buchanan is also going to be speaking about ethics. Ethics seems to be the corner piece of this conference. If they do get Ed Dames to speak, what does that say about IRVA's views on...
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    U.S. Still Funding Remote Viewing Projects?

    According to this latest article,, in the American Chronicle, the NSA is using Remote Viewing for intelligence gathering.
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    Asking for a favor (RI)

    Thanks Joe!
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    Asking for a favor (RI)

    Thanks Sonny! PJ, sorry for not responding to you when you replied. I wasn't sure what to say. For the people that know me, I have problems with esoteric talk and explanations and have problems with forums that get too deep into that. But this wasn't about me. Thanks for your advice and your...
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    How many of you are dowsers too?

    It's been awhile since I've done any dowsing and when I did, it wasn't for locating anything. I used it mainly for binary type questions (eg. yes or no). One experiment I did was to predict a computer simulated coin toss for a 1000 trials. I achieved a 68% accuracy rate, which was very...
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    We Arv'ed the superbowl

    Glad to see both had success with their ARV on the Super Bowl and UFC fight, but seems like you got feedback from the right and the wrong targets. I'm not sure that's a good idea if you want to continue doing ARV experiments.
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    A Navy SEAL officer's report on RV

    Sorry for the repost then and sorry for not reading Daz's blog. ;)
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    A Navy SEAL officer's report on RV

    Have any of you read this paper produced by a Navy SEAL officer for the Marine Corps War College? It's an interesting paper that goes over some of the history of RV that I hadn't seen/read anywhere else. The real interesting part is his...
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    Asking for a favor (RI)

    There is someone who I care deeply about who has a benign ovarian tumor. She has already had one surgery but still needs more. I assume she has only one of her ovaries affected but not positive (maybe I need to ask her about this). With more surgeries her ovary is going to be like swiss cheese...
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    Analyse This

    I don't think Tunde described a complex concept between terrorists and victims. There we go interpreting the data differently. I just said the comment in the session was interesting. If I went with my beliefs (you can call them conspiracies if you want), I could interpet this as OKC or the 1993...
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    Analyse This

    You did mention multiple outcomes in the session, which could imply anything, such as invading Afghanistan and Iraq or could imply the many conspiracies theories on how the towers collapsed. There are many other references throughout the session that do fit the 9/11 event. But as previous said...
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    Analyse This

    Re: Analyse This Yet After looking over your session, it reminded me of the first female to die in a boxing match. It was Golden (yellow) Gloves match in Denver, where I live, back in April of 2005. Her name was Becky Zerlentes. Zerlentes and her opponent were both wearing Red, White, and Blue...
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    Active and Passive mindset

    What terms would Prudence Calabrese use? Sorry, couldn't help myself.